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Desiree Campher
Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing

What a pleasure to work with such a professional team that problems solves on the run. We are so excited to part of you team.

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My daughter, Nirvana has eczema and a company called Pierre Fabre is paying for us to have hydrotherapy treatment in a little town called Avéne. We are so blessed. If you know anyone who suffers with eczema share my blog with them. I will be writing updates on Nirvana's treatment regularly over the next month.

The good news is that the products will be all coming into South Africa, early next year.

I am Traci and this is my family! Alberto my husband, Nirvana my daughter and Jake my little boy. I am introducing you to my family because this blog will be very personal to me and them because I will be sharing our health experiences with you.

Since we have had children we have experienced so many health issues. Thankfully nothing life threatening. Here I will tell people about my little experiences and maybe by discussing these problems, help someone along the way.

By people commenting back they can help me and others who read this blog.

This blog is a discussion forum for all concerned about the alternative health care system on South Africa. CAMS (Complimentary Alterative Medicines) seems to have created quite a stir and so has the MCC (Medical Control Council), the NHA (Natural Healers Association), and now where does the THA (Traditional Healers Association) fit?

Please use this as a platform to discuss, debate and create awareness.