Fire up Grids that matter - What's install for September

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Fire up Grids that matter – What’s install for September

September 2015 certainly is the start of a whole new ride, Oh well hello Dolly, hold on to your suspenders and fasten your seatbelts as we set our sights unto new horizons. 

I shared some more detail on the below list further down this article. It may seem a bit longer than normal but truly worth the read.

September 5th – The Hathors World Meditation: Download the free music essence and join us on the inner planes
September 6 – Venus turns direct (painting a clearer picture)
September 13th – Total Eclipse of the Sun & New Moon
September 17th – Mercury goes into retrograde (again) so get creative!
September 19th – Interactive channelling Durban Universal Mind Church
September 21st – Equinox celebration (hello summer)
September 25th – Pluto turns direct (easier to be more focused)
September 28th – Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon

We enter into a new cosmic energy frequency after the equinox both from a personal and planetary perspective so get ready for an upload of consciousness like never before.   

Now is the time to fully come to terms with the true meaning of FEAR - False Experiences Appearing Real, and with that tap into the truth of our being here, thus instead of fighting the forces of darkness fuelling them with our fear, rather focus on the experience of this lifetime as a gift, become conscious of your every breath and opposed to feelings of guilt for our ‘supposed inadequacies’, pop a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the ride, obviously it remains a personal choice whether to drink it or bathe in it!

The source of the information I share is multiple; some info is channelled to me, some shared by AA Metatron thru Tyberonn, AA Michael thru Ronna Herman, Kryon thru Lee Carol, The Group thru Steve Rother, some are shared by leading scientists, brilliant minds and many other reliable sources, so you know the golden rule: Take in what resonates with you, and let the rest go.

Our world, is going through tremendous turmoil in case you haven’t noticed, yet we are reminded the reason for us being here is twofold: firstly to live out the experience we set out for ourselves when our request was granted to return for another spin on the ferris wheels within the playground of earth school, obviously to improve on previous slipups and prepare for journey’s to come with our vision focused on eventual eternal ethereal bliss without the need for any future returns, and the secondly to simply be part of the Lightworker grid in support of The New Earth anchoring foundations for the unfolding Peace Years that is to come. Now let’s be clear whether you prefer to be actively involved or simply radiate you’re Light to amplify the greater good it matters not, you are HERE, NOW – as Kuthumi loves to say, if you are not here living in the NOW you may as well be elsewhere.

Believe me I know for many of us this journey is not a walk in the park, but hey our pathways needn’t be obscured by thorns either. No matter our obstacles we are always given the tools to handle them for the most part of the way anyway. Always know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Now we all know the ascension plan is a long term soul investment with predictions that it may only be fully integrated in some 300 years plus give or take. Sounds like a lot? Nope, not if you plan to return as your great grandchild’s grandchild…something to think about! Frankly it’s around the corner considering the eons we waited for this exact time period we are in and how carefully we planned to be a part of it all, so here’s the thing lightworker, no matter how minuscule we believe our part to be, we are all part of the Greater Whole. Each and every one of us is uniquely special, so much so that every one of our hairs is accounted for. We are known by our name, the names we were adorned with since our conception as souls eons ago when Terra Firma was but a gaseous surprise. United we stand, divided we fall. Due to our overpowering left brain we always want proof thus see it like this, how can a puzzle be complete with pieces missing? There you have the proof!

“You're going to change the planet by your very presence here, Lightworker. The Crystalline Grid absorbs the light that you carry, that you have earned and brought to all of us. This is a profound system, and the new energy of the planet needs the experience of the old souls and the wisdom of the old souls in order to affect those born in the future. This system is esoteric, difficult to describe and profound. Think of it. By living here today, you imbue into the grids the knowledge and wisdom for future generations” ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll 

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Author - Chanel Lingenfelder

Published - 2015-09-07