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Numerology Series
Athele Oosterbroek

This is the first in a twelve part numerology series on the qualities contained within the energy systems of each month of the year. More particularly, how this synergizes with your energy and the potential opportunities and challenges it creates.

A Flood Of Water In The Zodiac... What Is Happening?!
Michelle McClunan

Find out why you need to get your goggles and snorkels out! There seems to be a lot of water in the zociac at the moment, and more is expected... Best you read on to see how you can survive this zodiacal pool.

A Month Packed With Power!
Michelle McClunan

This is one power packed month folks! As Sagittarius shoots his fiery arrows heavenward, we are all being prompted to follow his lead……. get out of our boxes, expand our paradigms, look above our egos, personal stories and dramas and to become part of a new earth, a new vision, a new consciousness. 

Advice From A Tree- September 2014
Michelle McClunan

What is it that you can learn from a tree? You'd be surprised at the life lessons that are inspired by tree.

All You Need To Know About Astrology
Michelle McClunan

Here is some very comprehensive information about astrology and birth chart. You are bound to find all you need to know!

Angel Card Reading - November
Margi McAlpine

So many are in despair over their financial situations and often feel that they are drowning in debt with no possibility of seeing the light! Today the Angels are telling you that a new cycle has been washed in by a wave of prosperity and possibilities, some of which you probably have never even thought of.

Julia and Derek Parker

Astrology is based on symbolism, and the interpretation thereof. The horoscope is a symbolic representation of the placement of the planets in the heavens, correlating with experiences here on earth.However, since we are all unique beings, we are free to express ourselves in our own individual way. Astrology can assist us in discovering potential strengths and weaknesses; self understanding and direction in life; and awareness of areas of possible change leading to informed choice.

August Is A Powerful Month With The Emphasis On Power.
Chanel Lingenfelder

The month of August reflects a cosmic celebration of our connection to the Great Central Sun. It is also a month of ‘preparation’ which resonates to the breath of Nature. In the northern hemisphere it starts off in the height of summer and ends winking at winter - the slow in-breath. In the southern hemisphere it starts off in the height of winter and ends with a relieved exhale at the prospect of spring on the horizon – the inspiring out-breath. 

Be Nice In November
Athele Oosterbroek

Feelings run high; nerves fray as pushing to meet end of year deadlines clashes with calls to shift focus to relationships – work parties versus home calls. Stalk hedonism as keenly as its opposite, being the doormat. Work on saying no and being kind to yourself, your body and all those you are happy to commit to caring for in the long run. Sort wheat from chaff. Strive for balance between Self and Other as the need to nurture and be nurtured intensifies.

Can You Believe We Are In The 3rd Month Of 2015 Already?
Sarah-Jane farrell

Embracing change March is powerful with the a super moon on the 21st and the energy of double 11 - now is the time to truly stand in your truth and create flow of your masc/ feminine energies of personal power. What do you stand for and how can you give more are defining questions in stepping in to your Diamond shine roles and contribution to the whole. Everything you have prepared for, learnt, overcome and experienced has brought you to this point of living in your True nature!!

Cosmic Energy Frequency After The Equinox
Chanel Lingenfelder

Now is the time to fully come to terms with the true meaning of FEAR - False Experiences Appearing Real, and with that tap into the truth of our being here, thus instead of fighting the forces of darkness fuelling them with our fear, rather focus on the experience of this lifetime as a gift, become conscious of your every breath and opposed to feelings of guilt for our ‘supposed inadequacies’, pop a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the ride, obviously it remains a personal choice whether to drink it or bathe in it!

Don't Run From The Emotions
Michelle McClunan

There’s a whole lot going on astrologically this month, especially right now and for the next two weeks, when the Grand cross is being activated once again. Since the new moon in Cancer on the 27th June and up until the full moon on the 12th July, the energy may feel a little like a pressure cooker that’s about to pop it’s lid, unless some steam is released.

Don't Take Problems Personally!!
John Homewood

Don't take problems personally!  Cosmic rivers of intelligent energy direct the events of our lives as well as those of the planet as a living and evolving system.  While made up of individual threads we are all woven into one beautifully complex fabric called existence, under the watchful eye of an intelligence way outside anything any mortal brain can comprehend.

Michelle McClunan

Congratulations - if you're reading this, you've made it through April, which ended with a solar eclipse in Taurus on the 29th. Every time we have a new moon, the Sun (masculine) and the Moon (feminine) come together at the same degree of the zodiac, birthing a new cycle..

Fire Up Grids That Matter - What's Install For September
Chanel Lingenfelder

Now is the time to fully come to terms with the true meaning of FEAR - False Experiences Appearing Real, and with that tap into the truth of our being here, thus instead of fighting the forces of darkness fuelling them with our fear, rather focus on the experience of this lifetime as a gift, become conscious of your every breath and opposed to feelings of guilt for our ‘supposed inadequacies’, pop a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the ride, obviously it remains a personal choice whether to drink it or bathe in it!

Forecast Of The 12 Astrological Signs - 2014-2015
Lee Weller

The past 30months became an important time to bring your total life onto an even keel. Find the healthy routine that helps permanently. After 19th July many of your important plans receive the go ahead and previous hard work and preparation begins to pay off. Applications to Professional or other Clubs are approved and you are able to demonstrate your expertise and capabilities.

How Are You Affected By This?
Lee Weller

The confusion, uncertainty, disappointments, difficult to diagnose diseases - almost like constantly travelling through the MIST!
After the weekend of 26th February we can start to regain CONFIDENCE AS THE EFFECT OF THE
NEXT SOLAR ECLIPSE WILL BE LEO AQUARIUS. So everything out there will regain confidence and self-pride. Opportunities will be there to help you express your individuality.

How The Solar Eclipse On 23rd Oct Affect Us
Fiona van Rensburg

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio occurs on October 23rd, 2014

A Partial Solar Eclipse occurs on October 23rd at 5:58 PM EST at 0 degrees and 25 minutes of Scorpio. Its effects can be felt up to six months after the actual date of the eclipse. In the sign of Scorpio, matters related to intimacy, control, power, money, and sharing will be a strong focus on a personal level. This eclipse is about new beginnings regarding all of these matters.

Utilizing the October 23 - 25 trigger

How Will The Sun Moving Through The "twins" Affect You?
Michelle McClunan

With the Sun moving through gregarious Gemini, focus will fall on communication and the conveying of thoughts, ideas, and perceptions. This could also run over into your relationships. It also relates to our ability to listen attentively and really hear what is being said. How will the twins of the zodiac affect YOU this month? 

Hurtle Towards The Finishing Line
Michelle McClunan

When I look at the Astrology for December, it's clear that this is a month filled to the brim with more of the same paradoxes, contrasts and perhaps challenges, as well as great opportunities to shift, heal and grow.

Information On The Grids
Chanel Lingenfelder

To put things into perspective I thought sharing some info on the grids will help make sense of it all, after all simplicity rules!On the 8th of August we anchored a 10th and final grid into KZN on Sun Coast Casino Beach which automatically combines with the previous 9 grids we did in KZN which are instantly infused into the major grids mentioned below serving as a crystalline vortex or portal radiating a concentrated crystalline frequency into the earth’s atmosphere as well as into her body in support of the new energy. All Grids serve as a connecting network representing ONENESS.

Into The Heartland
Michelle McClunan

The focus for October, as I see it, is on relationships, reflection, rebalancing and renewal, with a strong theme of change and transformation.

Introspection - What Will The Planets Make You See?
Michelle McClunan

This month's astrological activity pushes us to look within ourselves and get in touch with the deeper things in life. It is also a time of re-evaluation and taking a step back to assess before we act on anything. All in all, this month encourages introspection, and a lot of thought!

Let Yourself Off The Hook
Michelle McClunan

During the first few weeks of the month, we have the Sun and Mercury (Retrograde) moving through Aquarius. We also have a whole school of planets swimming through Pisces- we are being presented with another opportunity to compassionately love ourselves and others, by detaching from our stories and seeing things from a higher, broader perspective.

Lets Go On A Little Flight Of Fancy
Michelle McClunan

Spring 2015 has been ushered in by a full moon in Pisces, which sets the tone for most of the month of September. 
Madame de la Luna is not only in boundless Pisces, but she is also dancing cheek to cheek with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces and the sea, making her even more oceanic, more imaginative, more dreamy than usual.
And then there's our masculine force, the Sun in pragmatic, earthy, clever Virgo, accompanied by Jupiter, which serves to expand his Virgo-ness. Imagine an old fashioned dance floor, where it was still customary for men to cross over to the other side and ask a woman to dance. Yes it was in this century all you young ones!
Lets go on a little flight of fancy - Pisces loves that !

Move Forward, Upward And Onward On Our Journeys
Michelle McClunan

We're being called upon to reassess and clarify the visions we have for our lives and take responsibility for bringing them into reality - no more cogitating or procrastinating.

Navigating The Journey To Yourself
Michelle McClunan

Not sure where you are in your life and where you need to be? Navigational life coaching can help you answer these questions, and have a journey of self-discovery on the way!

New Moon In Libra & Powerful Relationship Healing
Michelle Manders How to best use the upcoming New Moon in Libra, as well as the powerful energies coming from Mars as he enters Capricorn. Suggestions on what to focus on for this week and weekend.
Newness Born
John Homewood

Tt being my beautiful elder daughter’s birthday on June the 6th, it also signifies a major shift in energy reaching this planet.Astronomers and scientists all over the world have set up their telescopes and binoculars to observe the Transit of Venus, which will be taking place tomorrow South African time..


Numerology Of January 2015
Athele Oosterbroek

January brings fresh breezes to blow away lingering cobwebs from last year. Energetically, being number one, as well as by tradition we give ourselves permission for a fresh start propelled by clarity of direction, fresh inspiration and the will to succeed.

Planetary Aspects And Tzolkin Correspondences For The Cosmic Moon 2013
Randy Cosmichand

This Cosmic Moon, the last of the 7 Mystic Moons, contains an awesome set of planetary movements and aspects, which correlate very closely to the Dreamspell version of the Tzolkin.

Scorpio Full Moon - 6 May
Ilona Thorndike The Scorpio Full Moon is called the Buddha Full Moon. It is said that he was born when Sun was in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, when he became enlightened and when he died.
September - Introspection - Aa Metatron Thru James Tyberonn
Chanel Lingenfelder

It is absolutely a natural synergy that these astronomical dates provide downloads of coded influx. For these events (solstices, equinoxes and eclipses) truly open gateways, apertures that have always been unique events for such transfers. That is why they have been revered as days of introspection, prayer and meditation in ancient cultures and in many current spiritual sects.

Soul Alignment
Fiona van Rensburg

On July 29th, the Diamond alignment, which some astrologers also call the Soul Alignment happens around 12 PM GMT, but its meaning and impact will go on for a few months, and the influence will be felt well beyond just this year.

Stop The War
Michelle McClunan

April kicks off with (yet another) Eclipse on the 4th, this following the total solar eclipse two weeks ago. This one is a Lunar Eclipse (full moon) which is activating the final Uranus Pluto Square. It is also the last in a string of four “blood moons”, a phenomenon that has been written about a lot on the internet for the past few years.
Some people are seeing this as the shift of all shifts, some as the end of the world as we know it.

Take The Time To Be Quiet & Listen- What Will You Hear?
Michelle McClunan

With the Sun in Gemini, the focus will be on communication, and the month is sure to be talkative, flighty, and possibly fun too! Delving deeper will require some quiet time, though. If you listen carefully, what will you hear?

The Grand Event
the Galactic Federation

The grand event is upon you dear children of light, we are preparing each and everyone of you lightworkers, for the grand event that is about to take place on your planet earth.

The Open Heart
Michelle McClunan

In August, with the Sun blazing in Bright Royal Leo, the soil is soft and ready for us to open our hearts, take responsibility for ourselves as individuals and connect with our unique creative expression. 

Thought You Couldn
Michelle McClunan

Read what life lessons a horse can teach us at this time. Horses are powerful, yet sensitive and intuitive animals- there is much to be earned from them at this time, especially with a new moon greeting us.

Two New Moons In One Month... Two New Beginnings In Your Life!
Michelle McClunan

This is an unusual, challenging but potentially incredibly powerful planetary formation, which has been happening in fits and starts for a while now and will continue for months to come. It’s intensified radically this new moon and sets the scene for 2014.

Understanding April -numerology
Athele Oosterbroek

Hopefully you heeded the warning and dealt with control issues and learnt lessons diligently last month, because April is the month that chickens come home to roost. This can be an exciting event if the coop is in order and you are well prepared, or worst case scenario you’re gonna find yourself in some degree of chaos with feathers flying. Four is the number most associated with reality and the checks and balances that exacts. 

Understanding Mercury Retrograde
Chanel Lingenfelder

The term "Mercury Retrograde" is still relatively unknown by the public at large yet it is quite easy to understand. Knowing astrologically when this reoccurring event will affect us can give us much insight as to precisely how it will impact our lives. By referencing coming Retrograde periods we can all mark our calendars and use our natal charts to see just when and how we will be touched by Mercury’s swift foot.

Virgo Moon August
Vassoulla Georgiou

All is coming together With this Virgo moon, there are still some elements that need to be revealed. The information is very mercurial, and Venusian.

Who Are You Letting Into Your House?
Michelle McClunan

What guests have you entertained in your guest house this past week and how have you treated them? Personally and for a few of my friends, we’ve had a few rather tricky visitors! As the Sun makes its way through Cancer, any feelings and emotions that we’ve been ignoring or sweeping under the carpet are knocking loudly on the door and insisting to be let in!

Yin Yang
Michelle McClunan

It’s the final countdown beautiful people... not only of our astrological year, but also to the Grand Finale Uranus Pluto Square, for the 6th and final time since June 2012.