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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Go On A Yoga Retreat
Patricia Piper

It has been said, and proved, that we if we accumulate stress daily, we need to relieve that stress daily.
Find out 5 good reasons why you should attend a Yoga Retreat and learn easy, effective techniques to practice in the comfort of your own home.

Antaneea Technique The Music Of The Body And The Soul
Penni Du Plessis

The Antaneea Technique treatment assists the individual in understanding themselves and aligning with their divine plan. To explain how this works, think of an orchestra playing a symphony. When one or more of the musicians are out of time, or off key – it affects the end result. Your audience may not know what is happening, but they feel the discord, and don’t enjoy the music.

Are You A Stressed Girl
Lisa Lee

Stress affects us all, but it seems that as we get older, the more stressed we become. We leave home, where we are fed, clothed and sheltered for free only to be bombarded with an endless list of burdens. These include financial burdens, difficult work environments and high paced jobs, marriage and the biggest (but most rewarding) stress-becoming a parent. No longer can we run to mom and dad and ask for a loan (ok, maybe occasionally, but this comes with a drenching of guilt).

Are You A Victim Of Abuse?
Lisa Lee

When you hear the term women abuse, you picture images of women with black eyes, broken or bruised bodies. You think of women being slapped around by a drunk or angry partner. The truth is there are so many circumstances that can be categorized as abuse, that you, yourself may even be a victim. There are also many warning signs that can indicate a build up to becoming a victim of abuse. Here are some of those warning signs, and types of situations that you may not even realize are abusive.

Are You Suffering From Fibromyalgia And / Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Aches And Pains?
Barbara Shepherd

For many years I had various minor health problems which slowly worsened until one day I got the flu and found I could not shake it off. I then became more and more ill with many severe symptoms - so severe that I was forced to resign from my job and I struggled to socialize with people.

Aura Healing & Therapy
Estie Mattheus

Each of us has a particular and unique aura, which is a manifestation of who we are and how we are feeling. The aura consists of layers of colour around the human body, each layer or band being one colour. All these layers make up the auric field or rainbow body.

Aura Soma
Preshana Bhimma Aura-Soma is a natural healing method that makes use of the vibrational powers of colour, crystals, and natural aromas combined with light in order to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.
Bars, Bodies And Beliefs
Penni DuPlessis

She held each series of hand positions for about 5 minutes, and explained that each point resonated with the stored energy of every thought, belief, idea, attitude and decision that I have about everything in my life.

Body, Balance & Activation
Tracy White

The difference between Reiki and BBA (Body, Balance Activation) is that you basically have a person channelling the energy to you in Reiki and in BBA you get plugged into the source of the energy and healing directly. Therefore Tracy White is the facilitator or person at this point who plugs you into the energy source speaking in layman’s terms. In Reiki you will have ‘’work’’ done to your chakras, which in BBA are termed discs of energy that spin and the healing that takes place with BBA is only as much as YOU or your BODY is able to absorb. Big difference – and therefore through this new method of healing Tracy was able to be of more help to this young boy.

Boji Stone: Balance, Align And Clear.

A Crystal Reading for the week

Boundaries In Art Therapy
Samantha Davis

Working with groups in Art Therapy requires various separate individuals to function together for a specific amount of time; hence creating a group contract consisting of boundaries (like ground rules) so that the group can function effectively is extremely beneficial.

Breast Cancer Awareness
Marcelle Southey

Every year, more and more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the most common cancers among women. Like all other cancers, early detection can lead to more effective treatment and a positive prognosis.
The month of October is dedicated to creating awareness about breast cancer, to encourage everyone to look after their health and wellbeing as well as offering information and support to those affected by the disease.

Celebrate Colour In Style!
Lien Potgieter

March is International Colour Therapy month! Come celebrate it in style with The Colour Option!

Chi Kung Holistic Massage At The Yoga Republic
Michael Lewis

Chi Kung Holistic Massage is an energy touch massage that allows lymphatic drainage and chakra alignment. Chi Kung uses breath work, movement, postures and visualization to clear stress and emotional trauma that is processed and stored in our organs, so that we can conserve, balance and project our Chi. It is a wonderful way of being and Chi Kung Holistic Massage compliments this cleansing process and preventative therapy.

Colour And Sound Make Magic
Penni du Plessis

Colour is a universal language that touches each and every soul.  Using it reminds us of the parts of ourselves that we have buried and forgotten.  Its magical rays shine into the corners of our deepest emotions bringing them out into the open to be dusted off, healed and released.  By releasing the emotion you find your physical body coming into alignment and healing.

Detox And Drainage
Various Clients

Short testimonials from happy clients.This is our second visit and my husband who is a boilermaker and works with stainless steel started developing metal poisoning which combined with some mercury poisoning has improved to the point where he doesn't have to put dressing on his infected leg.

Does Reiki Really Work?
Lisa Lee

Does Reiki actually work? While there are mixed opinions regarding this debate, studies have shown that it is a valuable complementary alternative treatment.

Damian Wood

We are afraid that we will fail. We are afraid that we will disappoint, we are afraid of what people will think, we are afraid of the unknown. I enjoy telling my clients that if they were on their death beds, and they looked back at what they could have achieved, would it not have been better to try than not have tried at all.

Five Element Chirology
Jennifer Hirsch

Our fingerprint (and palmar) glyphs are pre-ordained, fixed and unchangeable cosmic imprints, which receive and emit their own unique resonance. They are energy portals, thresholds through which we can better understand and express our authentic responses. This article presents some interpretations of our six primary glyphs.


Free Daily Click-a-pic Hand Reading Lessons
Jennifer Hirsch

An invitation to visit God Given Glyphs on facebook to enjoy a free daily hand reading mini-blog/lesson.In the course of their lifetime they might well be called upon to support and counsel the bereaved and the dying.

Get The Honeymoon Phase Back.
Lisa Lee

We all remember the honeymoon phase if we're in a long term relationship. The butterflies, the staying up until the early hours talking, laughing and learning about each other. The excitement of receiving a text from you partner. Even things such as shaving you legs and actually wearing a bit of slap on your face when you know he's coming around for a visit. The honeymoon can be addictive, with some women facing commitment problems, so that they can keep experiencing the butterflies over and over again.

Harmony In Rest And Activity : Principles Of Thai Yoga Massage
Lisa Martin

At each moment a different action can be taken to bring ourselves back into balance, harmony is constantly dancing between the external and internal worlds. But we can attend to small simple things every moment with a little bit of awareness to take us back to a natural state of balance. The Key is awareness; witch comes with a little bit of effort and Self Knowledge of the Elemants and how they are in constant flux.

Healing Across Time - Part Three
Sonja Bohnsack

The fascinating aspect of the spiritual regression is that this is our state of 'pure soul' or higher self. This is where you can meet your guides and explore who is in your soul group (your soul mates). This is also where we explore the life planning of your present life time now.e

Heavy Baggage
Beverly Veltman How to free ourselves of the heavy baggage we have been carrying without even knowing that we are carrying it.
How To Deal With A Melt Down
Taryn Harris

We all have days when it just feels like too much. When, despite knowing how blessed we are & how awesome our lives are, Fear sets in.come back to a state of health

I Won
Lior Losinsky

This article discusses the true cost of unforgivenss and holding onto past hurts and anger. It looks at the options available to release these past limiting experiences.

If You Can Correct The Mind...
Bev Moss

Interesting times, such big challenges as we are outgrowing our old form, fears arise about leaving the safety of our known as we now know, we have no choice but to move into the unknown, where are true power lies.

Integrating Your Mind On All Levels Of Consciousness
Diane Preddy

This article is designed to assist people in understanding the work that I do.

It is written on the hope that someone will benefit from it.

The message in the article is that the alleviation of human suffering is possible through self explration and conscious living.

Laughter Yoga And Nlp
Patricia Piper

The benefits of Laughter Yoga and the connection between Laughter Therapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Life Alignment
Christine Hardy

Avinash has faced such enormous lifelong challenges that I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of his struggles. I hope his story will inspire and motivate you when you are faced with your own personal challenges. His story may also encourage others with disabilities to empower themselves with the help of Life Alignment.

Listening With Your Body
Lisa Martin

The exchange of information that leads the Thai Massage client and practitioner back to wholeness. This presence of mind is reflected in our own bodies, how we hold ourselves, our posture is relaxed and centred.

Magical Blessings For A Freeing, Fantastic And Powerful 2015

Blessings and guidance for an abundant 2015.

Menopause Is Not A Deficiency Disease
Sally Longden

Contemporary medicine views menopause as a “deficiency of oestrogen” disease, but Nature did not made a mistake.  The hormones most lacking at this stage of life is Progesterone which plummets during pre-menopause, throwing us into "oestrogen dominance" with all it's nasty symptoms.

Metamorphosis: A Journey Of Transformation
Opal-Jazmine Dodkins

Metamorphosis is a gift of inspiration for a different future for yourself and your loved ones.  It's an opportunity to create a new life, embracing the ultimate you, now.  Completely liberated and healed, you embark on a journey of the rest of your life beginning today.

Move Out Of Pain With The Alexander Technique
Sharyn West

In our daily lives subtle and complex psycho-physical mechanisms allow us to breathe, speak, move and go about our daily tasks automatically. That is ….. until injury, illness, the demands of repeating specific skills, or just doing your job at a desk results in pain and acute awareness. We teach a technique that helps you mind your body to move out of pain.

Namikoshi Shiatsu
Marion Nixon

Namikoshi Shiatsu was the first form of shiatsu, recognised as an independent therapy by the Japanes govenment in 1964. Based on western anatomy and physiology, it works on neuromuscular trigger points to release tension in the muscles and joints, as well as stimulating the body's self-healing processes. Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and is an excellent remedy for physical tension and emotional stress.

Noster Probiotics - Antibiotic History
Neil Jackson

Now the big danger is antibiotic resistance by the infectious bacteria. The reality is that doctors have over prescribed and incorrectly prescribed antibiotics resulting in antibiotic resistance being developed. There has been no new antibiotic discoveries in 20+ years

Past Life Regression Therapy
Carla Bastos

Past life regression therapy is beneficial for those of you who have reached a point in your inner work and spiritual search and yet continue to find something stands in the way of further growth. If you have been questioning why certain issues continue to surface regardless of how much work you do on yourself, the answer may well be connected to a past life. Past Life Healing Regression is in effect a last resort therapy so to speak. 

Past Life Regression Therapy (plr)
Leanne Pillay

Past Life Regression Therapy is a holistic therapy that works with the body, mind, emotions and the soul. It is based on the principles of cause and effect and that your reactions and the way you respond to problems may be based in the past.

Peridot: The Bringer Of Joy

Embrace me, I have waited for you patiently in the halls of Thoth where your return is written in stone, cast in time eternal.  Breathe and let our shared life force flow through you.  You and I are about to enter a space of Joy, so you may shine like the Solar sun from which you originate.

Progesterone And Breast Cancer
Anna Rushton and Dame Dr Shirley Bond

Progesterone never causes cancer .... it rather protects the breast against the risk of cancer. Oestrogen dominance is known to cause cancer, for this reason alone women need adequate levels of progesterone which is the antagonist to oestrogen.... it swiches off the cancer gene, the BCL2 gene

Reboot Your Dna. Rejuvenate And Heal.
Bridget Hall

LifeSound Rejuvenation Therapy: an innovative, scientifically proven rejuvenation tool. Reboot your system at the level of your DNA. Reprogramme your cells so that they replicate with the freshness of health and vitality. Easy-to-use system of sound and audio-visual files. Enjoy the effects of your new-found rejuvenation

Sending Out An Sos To Cut The Bs Of A Quick Fix
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Are you suffering from bright shiny object syndrome? If you are sick and tired of struggling to fill your practise consistently and spending time and money on the next course or program in the hopes that this certification will give you the success and financial freedom you want and no matter what you do you are still spinning your wheels with no more than an expensive hobby, then keep on reading......

Sensitivity And Taking Things Personally
Hayley Rautenbach

Sensitivity and taking things personally
 My life became way easier and less stressful when I started taking life less seriously and less personally. I still have a long way to go, let me tell you, but the work I have done, has made a huge difference.

September - You Set The Tone, Anything
Athele Oosterbroek

If you’re not having loads of fun or throwing yourself with gay abandon and a childlike sense of wide-eyed wonderment at your world, you’re missing the gap! Sometimes you have to step back to assimilate and create. Sometimes you have to take a giant leap of faith, believing you are capable of absolutely anything you can visualize. Hone your ability to read the signs; trust your gut, stalk your attitudes. Allow those creative juices to flow, unrestrained. Let go of pre-conceived notions, yielding rather to what your Field is reflecting back at you and working with that. Forgiveness of others, but especially the self can be most conducive, allowing the space for transformation. Responsibilities can be tedious. See if you can create a light hearted way to execute, with joy in accomplishment. Let go if they really are not yours. Examine the concept of allowing and boundaries.

Shiatsu Massage
Leon Potgieter

The gentle therapy of healing with finger pressure, shiatsu relies on the simple but powerful experience of touch to maintain a smooth flow of energy around the body. This affects the entire body and mind and leads to improved blood and lymph circulation, endorphin release, reduction in stress and anxiety and elimination of toxins.

Spiritual Mentor And Coach
Lets Live Life Coaching

How can you attain true meaning and a purpose in life if you are disconnected from the Higher Power? True peace and fulfilment cannot be gained if you do not have faith and have shunned your principles. This is where you need one of our spiritual mentors and coaches to help you regain your faith and rebuild your trust in the Almighty. 

Sports And Remedial Massage: The Use Of Massage In Prevention And Recovery
Leon Potgieter

Sports and remedial massage is used to treat injuries, chronic pain and restricted range of motion, reduce fatigue, swelling and tension from heavily worked muscles as well as accelerate recovery from strenuous activity. These may be the result of sports activities such as running, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, tennis, strength training and aerobics or the daily activities of mothers looking after small children, gardening and any strenuous use of the body during work. Massage is also used to treat the body in situations where its physical limits have been stretched as in pregnancy, labour or surgery.

Tantric Sex
Roberta Strydom

It is important to understand that Tantra is very difficult to define, since it is a very personal and unique journey for each person who undertakes it. Your Tantric teacher or therapist should understand this concept and leave enough room for you and your journey, while teaching the principles. Ideally, the work of a Tantric therapist is to walk beside you on your tantric path, guiding you, but never forcefully overpowering you or controlling you. Keep in mind that the whole point of Tantra is the release of control and conditioning, and the encouragement of individuality and the expression thereof.

The Benefits Of Bars
Fazila Bizior

What if change could be with Ease?

In the 3 years since I had experienced my first Access BARS session, this modality has gained much awareness and popularity as a dynamic process and tool.

Over the course of 12 years I have studied a variety of different courses and trained in many different disciplines (having accumulated enough certificates to cover a wall floor to ceiling). If there was something new, chances were I had either had a session or had attended a course on it!

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 1: Background
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

With today’s modern lifestyles, processed foods and stress, our life-force energy is often depleted and our vitality and well-being diminished. We may feel fatigued and demotivated or even suffer from mild depression, insomnia, low immunity, allergies and all sorts of aches, pains, illnesses and discomforts.

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 2: Incorporating Crystal Healing Into The Reiki Session
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

Combining Crystal Healing with Reiki is quite widely used and documented. The use of crystals amplifies the energy channelled through Reiki to where a specific frequency of energy is most needed. In my own practice I frequently use crystals as part of the Reiki treatment and the following are examples of some very effective treatments:

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 3: Incorporating Colour Therapy Into The Reiki Session
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

Incorporating colour into their every-day lives after a Reiki treatment will extend the effects of that Reiki treatment. I often advise clients as part of the follow-up to the Reiki session on the use of colour to aid in addressing some pertinent issues,

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 4: Incorporating Holistic Allergy Testing Into The Reiki Session
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

Reiki is an effective treatment of allergies as it balances the immune system.   I always ask clients about allergies during our introductory session and often clients would indicate the possibility of an allergic condition, but without being sure of the cause(s) of such a condition.

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 5: Including Eft Into The Reiki Session
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a gentle, quick and powerful procedure that leaves the client observably relieved and no longer stuck in their previously distressing, involuntary, out-of-order reaction patterns.

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 6: Incorporating Holistic Dowsing Into The Reiki Session
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

Holistic dowsing is often incorporated into my practice as a Reiki therapist, particularly to establish a course of action for future treatments. Apart from applying my own knowledge, experience and intuition, I make use of fan charts to assess or re-assess the specifics of client-specific Reiki treatments,

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 7: Holistic Pain Management Through Reiki
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

The awareness and knowledge that fall within the ambit of holistic pain management have been an invaluable asset in my Reiki therapy. Many clients suffer from pain, particularly chronic pain.

The Enhancement Of Reiki By Other Natural Energy-based Therapies Part 8: Life Coaching And Reiki
Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

Life coaching also provides me with background and tools to deal with “difficult” clients.

The John Of God Healing Experience
Lorraine Burne, Authorised Casa Guide

We may hear about the Casa and the miracles that happen there, or see John of God on TV, be invited to a talk, meet someone who was healed there or simply feel a desire to find a unique place for healing. For many millions something deep inside drew us to find out more, Google the websites, look at where it is located, check flight prices and suddenly we had our tickets and we were on our way for a life changing journey in personal growth at all levels.

The Role Of Hypnosis In Healing
Linda Clarke

What is hypnosis, how it can help you to create mind/body balance and heal past hurts to change how you think, feel and behave.

Theta Healing And Emotions
Eric Richardson

Imagine a healing modality that enables you to release negative feelings and to have positive feelings that you have forgotten or perhaps have never experienced, such as joy, love, forgiveness, patience, trust, and respect instantly.

Tissue Salt - An Impressive Testimonial!
Dr John Souglides PhD

A metaphysical view on the effect of Tissue Salts with a testimonial, that should help people to better understand how Tissue Salts are working: on all levels! Body-mind-soul...

Vulnerable Is The New Sexy!
Mark Hoinkes If you "did" more Neo Tantra, would you able to enjoy deeper intimacy with your beloved and would we have fewer breakups ?
Water - The Contributor To Health And Beauty
Eva F. Schoenfeld

A deficiency of Tissue Salts can lead to health disturbances, but at a very early stage you can see the level of minerals in the cells in your face. I am introducing some facial and physical signs related to Tissue Salt deficiencies. If you want to learn reading faces and administer the correct Tissue Salts.


We Need To Talk
Paula Quinsee

How often have you heard those words from your partner and your blood has run cold expecting the worst?
Communication forms the foundation of all relationships (both personal and peer). Did you know that we communicate in several ways: 7% words, 37% tonality and 55% through our body language?

What Are Hypnoses?
Francois Janse van Rensburg

Popularly, hypnoses sparks images of a mysterious man who puts you into a deep slumber with a pocket watch, and then proceeds to control your mind.

What Are Tissue Salts And Their Benefits?
Eva F. Schoenfeld

Tissue Salts are more important than you think... The strain caused by barren food from intoxicated and empty soils need to be supported with micronutrients - hence Tissue Salts - then the absorption of macronutrients like vitamins and food-supplements will also be successful. Talk to us!

What Is A Hypnotherapist Practitioner?
Francois Janse van Rensburg

A hypnotherapist or hypnotherapist practitioner is someone who is trained to use hypnosis as a form of treatment and therapy for their clients. 

What Is Access Consciousness And The Tools?
Graeme Crosskill

A sneak preview of Access Consciousness, the tools that are changing 1000's of people around the world. and asking questions about What Else Is Possible?

What Is An Eating Disorder?
Linda Clarke

Eating disorders can develop during any stage in life but typically appear during the teen years or young adulthood. Classified as a medical illness, appropriate treatment can be highly effectual for many of the specific types of eating disorders. Although these conditions are treatable, the symptoms and consequences can be detrimental and deadly if not addressed.

What Is Body Spin
Christine Hardy What is your body made up of? Tissues and organs. What are tissues and organs made of? Cells. What are cells made of? Molecules. What are molecules made of? Atoms. What are atoms made of? Sub-atomic particles. What are subatomic particles made of?
What Is Neuro-linguistic Programming?
Michelle McClunan

Do you know what neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); is? It's a great way of getting to know yourself and expressing that story to the people around you.

Whats The Story With Tantra And Neo Tantra?
Mark Hoinkes

Bringing clarity to the confusion around Tantra and Neo Tantra by explaining the main two differences between the two. Understanding these two differences will help you make the correct choices for your own life of expansion and growth.

Who Am I, Really?
Tracy White

Do you know what causes discomfort and dis-ease? Did you know that you are much more than what they eye can see? Your belief structures that you are holding on to so tightly may be outdated and may no longer serve you. Wouldn't you like to put them down and move on? Tis article may give you some insight as to who you are, really...

Who Is Herba Farmacy- Natural Healing?
Desiree Campher

The original organisation 'Natural Healing' was founded in 1998 by Shelley Keith. The main aim was to assist Dr Hulda Clark enthusiasts to be able to obtain her products in South Africa, as importing was and still is financially impossible. Through many years of research, and in the early days, with assistance and collaboration with Dr Clark herself, Natural Healing grew in popularity and became the only true manufacturer of Dr Clark products in Africa.

Why Do Our Buttons Get Pushed?
Ray Perkel

Everything we experience in our lives offers us an opportunity for growth. The negative experiences - the ones we don't particularly like - can sometimes benefit us the most.

Working With A Conscious Ending
Samantha Davis

Endings in Art Therapy and life are often difficult and painful in that it will at some point bring back memories of endings in the past. These experiences and memories can be worked with and made conscious in order to help with a current ending process.