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Animal Care
Boji Stone: Balance, Align And Clear
Opal- Jazmine

Wear my blessing for the world to see, in glorious service it will shine and our mutual work will turn to stone permanently living through the ages. Choose now the only path available to you, your Intention to live as perfection.

Bowen Therapy For Animals
Judy Wolmarans

Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy (CCmrt™) is a holistic treatment for your pets involving a sequence of very gentle, but precise moves across muscles to activate the body’s self-healing processes.It has had amazingly responsive results on a great variety of conditions, including musculo-skeletal disorders, respiratory problems, and emotional and physical stress.

Bridging The Divide - Telepathic Animal Communication
Tammy de Oliveira

Telepathic and intuitive animal communication takes you on a magical journey into the wisdom, guidance and healing that our animal friends and companions have to share with us. It opens us to the world of the silent language, the language of our souls and that of our sacred animal friends. 


Body and Mind

Catnip is a hardy perennial plant that grows 3 to 4 feet tall. The heart-shaped leaves are green above and gray below. The plant has purple flowers.Catnip is a hardy plant that will grow in sun or shade. It can be grown from seed or propagated by division.

Catnip - Fun Or Dangerous?
Body and Mind

Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) is an herb belonging to the mint family which has been used by man since the days of Ancient Egypt and by cats for even longer. It has a remarkable effect on many cats, stimulating them and relaxing them at the same time.

Dolphin Encounter

For years I watched you from the shore Gray-blue curves arching into the sea.Glimpse of fin, flip of tail.Enough to set me jumping on the sand,Flinging my arms toward you. I yearned to meet you In your watery world.

Grieving A Deceased Pet
Hayely Rautenbach In my work I help many clients through their grief, after losing family, friends or animals.
How Reiki Can Help Your Pet
Body and Mind

Reiki can provide relief from the effects of arthritis, rheumatism and other debilitating conditions in animals.>Reiki can accelerate the healing of post-surgical trauma, wounds, breaks and sprains in animals.

Natural Therapies For Animals
Author Unknown

In this day and age more and more people are turning to a natural way to help them through life and various health problems. Thankfully there are also Veterinarians who are helping to treat our animal companions in the way of "Natural Therapies".

Pet Therapy For Humans
Author Unknown

Pet Therapy works by providing proximity to animals to those who can benefit by it. What are the benefits we accrue when animals are brought near us? Delta Society suggests the following benefits of having pets beside us or living with pets.

Sending Out An Sos To Cut The Bs Of A Quick Fix
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Are you suffering from bright shiny object syndrome? If you are sick and tired of struggling to fill your practise consistently and spending time and money on the next course or program in the hopes that this certification will give you the success and financial freedom you want and no matter what you do you are still spinning your wheels with no more than an expensive hobby, then keep on reading......

Uses For Neem Oil
Vicki Berry

A wonderful oil with numerous benefits, Neem contains extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants that help to protect the skin from environmental damage. Cold pressed from whole Neem tree nuts, this oil can be used in 'make your own' skin care preparations, hair care products, and in gardens for natural pest control.

Water - The Contributor To Health And Beauty
Eva F. Schoenfeld

A deficiency of Tissue Salts can lead to health disturbances, but at a very early stage you can see the level of minerals in the cells in your face. I am introducing some facial and physical signs related to Tissue Salt deficiencies. If you want to learn reading faces and administer the correct Tissue Salts.


What Are Tissue Salts And Their Benefits?
Eva F. Schoenfeld

Tissue Salts are more important than you think... The strain caused by barren food from intoxicated and empty soils need to be supported with micronutrients - hence Tissue Salts - then the absorption of macronutrients like vitamins and food-supplements will also be successful. Talk to us!