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18 Rules Of Living By The Dalai Lama
Yoga Essentials

At the turn of this century, the Dalai Lama issued the following eighteen rules for living.

5 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Goals
Debra McCreedy

You would be amazed at how many thoughts race through your mind every day. They come and go so quickly that you may not even be aware of the negative thoughts that you have conditioned yourself with. These negative beliefs and thoughts are what keep you stuck and hold you back from reaching your dreams and goals. So let go of self destructive thought patterns and start thinking in a healthier way by believing in yourself.

6 Powerful Self-help Concepts That Accelerate Your Manifestations
Fonzy Montenegro

There 6 powerful concepts in the self-help industry that will surely help you manifest what you want. If you're an Abraham-Hicks student, you can add some of the techniques here to your practice. It is important to feel good most of the time so these tools will aid you.

A Sacred Mountain Part One
Kittisaro An article by Kittisaro, the founder of Dharmagiri Insight Mediation Centre. He shares times of blessings and hardships of his, his wife Thanissara, & beloved dog Jack's lives at Dharmagiri, which is situated at the base of Mvoleni mountain, Underberg, KZN. The article was published in the September 2010 edition of Resurgance magazine.
A Sacred Mountain Part Two
Kittisaro The second part of Kittisaro's heart warming telling of his & Thanissara's early life at Dharamgiri.
Acknowledging Being Depressed Again
Sarah-Jane Farrell

While depression tells many lies, it might also be revealing some truths to you. If you’ve ever been depressed, you probably know that it can come back, even after years or months of recovery. It may creep up on you, or it may hit you when you least expect it. The dark thoughts, the guilt, self-doubt, the regrets and fears can paralyze you.

Afro-dharma & Botho/ubuntu: A Dialogue On Spirituality, Science And Humanity. A Mind And Life Dialogue
Chandasara Chandasara, the resident teacher at Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat reflects on her experience after attending the Mind & Life Conference in Gabarone in August 2017.
Against The Wind By Kim Laubscher
Kim Laubscher Going with the flow of life.
Aloha From My Personal Alchemy Programme

Aloha Inspiration & Motivation This article contains bits and pieces from my newsletters and mentorship programmes. To subscribe to my monthly and weekly newsletters, email with the subject subscribe weekly or subscribe monthly

Angel Card Reading 12th January 2018 - Law Of Attraction
Margi McAlpine

Law of Attraction – Each thought is an investment that pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely. You have the power to choose your thoughts and align them with love, peace and harmony. At your request we will gladly attune your energies to higher frequencies

Anything Is Possible
Athel Oosterbroek

Adopt the attitude of The Child; its wide-eyed sense of wonderment allows even what seems magical appear normal. It's all about perspective. Love your life, be in the flow of your joy, forgive old paradigms and hurts with the Lightness of Being Grand Masters and Children do so lightly and all is well. The yang of that is the terrified child with its grumpy pants and no can do stance, clinging to anything approximately mommy.

Are You Addicted To Killing Your Future?
Sarah-Jane farrell

4 steps to move from what if? to I am doing this easily. A diamond is formed under intense pressure and heat to transmute in to a clear, sparkling gem of high value. It reminds me that just like a diamond those moments of intense pressure and heat that express in human beingness as force, anger and physical challenges are part of our evolution to get clear on our unique diamond genius zone so we can do the work and shine in the world for others to choose to live in their true nature! I want to share some of the ways we moved together in to more space and adventure of the unknown and how to embrace it rather than shut down your DESIRE for more of what you want. When you follow your intuitive knowing and have patience and kindness with yourself, everything can change so that you get to live engaged, present and on fire.

Are You Making The Possible Impossible?
Sarah-Jane Farrell

If there was ONE thing, one LEGACY you could teach - what would it be?
If you could tell the World ONE thing, what would it be?

Every single one of us has something amazing inside of us that needs to be shared with the world. The only thing holding is back whether we "think we can or can't."

Over the last few months, I've been developing the ability to rest in the challenge, to bump up against the barrier and be willing to stay there raw, rough and vulnerable - to experience and observe the discomfort, the "not knowing".

Becoming A Woman Of Substance
Heather-Anne Bender

Every woman needs to know her worth and to act in such a way that it is apparent to everybody else. If you carry yourself in a certain way, then people will treat you accordingly. Learn to act in ways that raise your value instead of diminishing it. Here are some tips to help you:

Believe In Your Goodness By Jack Kornfield
Jack Kornfield Jack speaks about finding the underlying goodness in self and others.
Beyond The Mind
Dharmagiri Sometimes the most authentic perspectives come from those who suffer a collapse of certainties; when the unexpected strips away the carefully honed plans and assumptions we project onto life.
Can You Believe We Are In The 3rd Month Of 2015 Already?
Sarah-Jane farrell

Embracing change March is powerful with the a super moon on the 21st and the energy of double 11 - now is the time to truly stand in your truth and create flow of your masc/ feminine energies of personal power. What do you stand for and how can you give more are defining questions in stepping in to your Diamond shine roles and contribution to the whole. Everything you have prepared for, learnt, overcome and experienced has brought you to this point of living in your True nature!!

Centering & Grounding Techniques
Diana Smith

We are often told to stay ground and we should be "floating around." But how do we know if we are grounded or not? What dpes being grounded really mean? Diana Smith answers these questions here.

Channeling By Alan Bottoms
Alan Bottoms

There is a lot of talk of a shift that is coming in 2012. So many interpretations and understandings. Theories of what this might be and what it entails. From believing that nothing will happen to believing that it’s the end of the world and everything in between.

Choose To Act Not Re Act
Hayley Rautenbach

Scan your body, what is moving through you? What feels tight, sore, sensitive, light, excited or spacious? Go into that. Now review what you have experienced emotionally and mentally today. See a connection?

Conscious Conception
Angela Red River This article stimulates the imagination as to what is possible for our world once we begin a conscious journey of assisting Souls to incarnate through the bodies of our children during Conscious Gestation and Birth into this awesome school of 3-dimensional experiences
Cut The Clutter In Your Life
Craig Cox How to assess ones life and cut out the irrelevant stress and clutter
Difference Between Counselling And Life Coaching
Lets Live Life Coaching

People often think that life coaching and counselling are the same thing. There is a common misconception that in both, life coaching and counselling, the patient or help-seeker sits on a chair and talks about his/her problems to the life coach or therapist respectively. However, although there are one-on-one sessions with life coaches too, a life coach focuses more on overcoming problems and negativity and getting the client out of the rut towards a more positive life.

Difference Between Psychology And Life Coaching
Lets Live Life Coaching

People often get confused between Psychology or therapy and life coaching. These two fields are vastly different. Clinical psychology is the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders, whereas life coaching helps mentally healthy people to improve their lifestyles. Life coaching has nothing to do with treating severe psychological problems 

Festive Season Holiday Stress
Bridget Edwards

Festive Season Holiday Stress: December holidays and the festive season is supposed to be a joyous occasion and time for celebration. In reality, and for a variety of so many people become stressed, depressed and filled with dread for a variety of reasons.

Freedom Through Meditation
Wendy Young

Spiritual growth begins with bringing that which is unconscious into the light of awareness. Awareness is the foundation for healing and transformation. Insight meditation and it's spiritual philosophy of non-duality inspire, inform and guide me with respect to awareness. What is your process or practice to cultivate awareness?

Happiness Test
Andrew Wilding After finishing the test, you will receive a list of your strengths, your score on the happiness index, and a detailed interpretation of your happiness quotient with advice on how to proceed
Healthy Lifestyle Tips For A Natural High This Spring
Sharni Quinn Spring time is all about setting new intentions and welcoming change into your life. It's the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves you and to welcome fresh opportunities. Its time to "spring clean" your life and get your health back on track. This article focuses on practical health tips which you can incorporate into your life that will help you de-stress and boost your energy levels naturally. If you're feeling balanced and more positive you will be able to embrace life wholeheartedly, seize opportunities and get the most from your relationships.
Craig Cox Understanding the power of being honest with yourself and others
How Big Is Your Brave? Discovering Your Theme Song!
Taryn Harris

Discover yourself through self-expression, self-exposure and exploration. Create a life YOU WANT to show up fully for!

How Do You View Adversities In Your Life?
Barbara Johnson

You can learn from and use your adversities. You can see them with different eyes
and transform your unique life circumstances into a more meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling way of living.

How The Solar Eclipse On 23rd Oct Affect Us
Fiona van Rensburg

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio occurs on October 23rd, 2014

A Partial Solar Eclipse occurs on October 23rd at 5:58 PM EST at 0 degrees and 25 minutes of Scorpio. Its effects can be felt up to six months after the actual date of the eclipse. In the sign of Scorpio, matters related to intimacy, control, power, money, and sharing will be a strong focus on a personal level. This eclipse is about new beginnings regarding all of these matters.

Utilizing the October 23 - 25 trigger

How To Choose The Right Retreat For You
Bennie Naude

The Rat Race is a term used to describe a frustrating and often overwhelming lifestyle, seemingly impossible to break out of. What's even more fascinating about the rate race is that it has become so much the norm that most people are totally oblivious that they're right in it. Do you also live from weekend to weekend or holiday to holiday and hope that someday things will get better?

How To Deal With A Melt Down
Taryn Harris

We all have days when it just feels like too much. When, despite knowing how blessed we are & how awesome our lives are, Fear sets in.come back to a state of health

How To Get Step In To Your Diamond Genius Zone
Sarah-jane Farrell

4 physical ways to support your gall bladder and liver so that you have the courage and confidence to start your year off in your brilliance and be able to consistently meet your targets. Many of you know I love working with the medicine wheel and the 5 elements in chinese medicine. I always stock up on gall bladder tonics in January for my clients, to keep the gall bladder strong. When the GB is weak you just cannot maintain targets you have set for the year. You will find yourself fence sitting, unable to take steps forward and get moving towards what you desire and require.A STRONG Gall bladder and Liver give you the strength and courage to plan and decide what direction matched where you aim to go!! The yin/yang aspect of liver/gall bladder - both governed by the wood element. This is the year of the Wood sheep so if we are to gather the energy, the vital life force with adaptability and flexibility the liver/ gall bladder communications need to be at their optimum to make this easier for you.

How To Maintain An Ideal Body Weight
Linda Clarke

Despite the millions of rands spent annually on weight loss clubs, diet books, diet pills, liquid diets and fancy spas still more and more people are struggling to control their weight. It seems that the more people struggle with weight loss diets, the more their weight seems to inch its way back up. The result is often weight gain to a level that exceeds the previous high weight.

How Will The Sun Moving Through The "twins" Affect You?
Michelle McClunan

With the Sun moving through gregarious Gemini, focus will fall on communication and the conveying of thoughts, ideas, and perceptions. This could also run over into your relationships. It also relates to our ability to listen attentively and really hear what is being said. How will the twins of the zodiac affect YOU this month? 

I Am So Embarrassed
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Consciously choose to be clear, what you are really choosing is love over fear. Compassion over shame. Dedication over procrastination. Progress over stuck-ness. It really is very simple. You decide, right here in this moment, that you are clear. You are clear, and you are not confused. Whether or not you believe this is a matter of choice. Either way, you will get to where you are going. You just need to decide whether you are clear...or not.

Keep Calm And Paradigm Shift
Barbara Abdinor We live in a time where the chaotic collision of crises demands collective and personal evolution. This article is an outline map on how to navigate for personal and collective evolution.
Learning To Stay By Pema Chrodron (part One)
Pema Chodron Pema Chodron looks at the difficulties & benefits of meditation
Listening To The Heart @ Dharmagiri
Jennifer Radloff Jennifer Radloff shares her insights and wisdom gained whilst on retreat at Dharmagiri Insight Meditation Centre.
Living Mindfully In Modern Society By Jack Kornfield
Jack Kornfield Jack speaks of how with Mindfulness, we can live in Harmony with all
Loving Awareness In The New Year
Wendy Young

The beginning of any cycle is a powerful and tender time. Imagine a new blade of grass pushing its way through the dry earth or a newborn baby sleeping on its mother's lap. Each is so strong and also fragile.

Magical Blessings For A Freeing, Fantastic And Powerful 2015

Blessings and guidance for an abundant 2015.

May 2017 Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek A guide to the energy influences we can anticipate this May month, in this One year. General overview and month my month breakdown applicable to each birthmonth of the year.
Music Harmony
Margi McAlpine

Sound and music has been around since the beginning of time. Everything was created by sound. Life would be so empty without all the beautiful music and sounds that we are so blessed to enjoy! Angel music especially brings in a wonderful harmony and peace to all who listen to it.

My Pilgrimage To Peru - Part Two

The next visit to the Land of the Inca's was in October, 2009. This was to be the most challenging on all levels, as it was to be my final initiation into the Andean Tradition which lasts a total of twenty one days. In true shamanic tradition, this is the dying and rebirthing of oneself.

New Begininngs For Follow The Sun
Kate Aitken We are sharing our latest news and the exciting events in the pipeline that we have to look forward to including weekly yoga classes and our spring launch event.
New Moon In Libra & Powerful Relationship Healing
Michelle Manders How to best use the upcoming New Moon in Libra, as well as the powerful energies coming from Mars as he enters Capricorn. Suggestions on what to focus on for this week and weekend.
Newness Born
John Homewood

Tt being my beautiful elder daughter’s birthday on June the 6th, it also signifies a major shift in energy reaching this planet.Astronomers and scientists all over the world have set up their telescopes and binoculars to observe the Transit of Venus, which will be taking place tomorrow South African time..


No To Anti-muslim, No To Anti-semitism, No To Hate By Jack Kornfield
Jack Kornfield Seeing past differences & coming together with Compassion
October Numerology
Athel Oosterbroek

October is a fresh breath of wind before the year is done and dusted. Each of the nine energies, in turn, has had its impact and made things possible for us. Now we get to put all experience gained this year into practice, hopefully stepping it up a gear

October Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek Numerology insights into the energy prevalent in October and its impact on your energy system. How to work with it to gain best growth and what to watch out for.
Progesterone And Breast Cancer
Anna Rushton and Dame Dr Shirley Bond

Progesterone never causes cancer .... it rather protects the breast against the risk of cancer. Oestrogen dominance is known to cause cancer, for this reason alone women need adequate levels of progesterone which is the antagonist to oestrogen.... it swiches off the cancer gene, the BCL2 gene

Red Pill Or Bue Pill?
Sarah-jane Farrell

In our instant gratification culture, there is an urban myth circling our news-feeds, e-mails and self-help articles. This myth takes form through the web usually called “5 life hacks to happiness’ or ‘Quick fix for depression” or “7 ways to ……”.

I would LOVE to tell you that there is a tablet you could take which solve all your problems, eliminate issues, dissolve the tough feelings, thoughts and emotions;
OR that in one easy step you could wash away the pain;
OR  a magic potion which will make the chaos creators in your life disappear…

Sapphire: Spiritual Truth

“See the sun dance on the ocean; allow my presence to descend from the blue sky above.  Now feel my open arms hold you, all will be replaced by your own solar angelic essence, blinding in its Glory.  A Vision of Truth realized....

Self Worth
Christopher Rory Page

Probably the most damaging flaws in human beings throughout the centuries is the lack of self-worth. Most conflict situations, abusive relationships, career difficulties, body problems and mental fear are as the result of a lack of belief in the self.

Sending Out An Sos To Cut The Bs Of A Quick Fix
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Are you suffering from bright shiny object syndrome? If you are sick and tired of struggling to fill your practise consistently and spending time and money on the next course or program in the hopes that this certification will give you the success and financial freedom you want and no matter what you do you are still spinning your wheels with no more than an expensive hobby, then keep on reading......

Sensitivity And Taking Things Personally
Hayley Rautenbach

Sensitivity and taking things personally
 My life became way easier and less stressful when I started taking life less seriously and less personally. I still have a long way to go, let me tell you, but the work I have done, has made a huge difference.

September 2017 Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek Insights into the numerological influences at play during September 2017, in general and specifically according to your birth month. What to anticipate and how to best respond.
Spirit Of The Times
Sandra Jean Drew There is an awakening of many searching for their Soul Purpose. The first questions asked? how do I embark on a Spiritual Journey/How do I discover who I Am?
Spiritual Surrender
Debra Stevens

Transcending Human Limitations - Spiritual Surrender

Starting Over An Emotional Journey Of Self Discovery
Barbara Shepherd

Starting Over takes the reader through the various healing stages the author experienced and gives you an insight into dealing with life’s problems and challenges.
 With her fierce determination and intuitive insights, she manages to turn her life around.

The 5 Levels Of Healing Naturally
Dr Kelly Brogan

Falling apart in the process of awakened women - the gift of transformation in chaotic times. How to navigate through the 5 stages of waking up in a New 5d Earth without thinking you are crazy.

The Beauty Of Already
Angela Deutschmann

In some of my recent readings there has been talk of ‘the two sources of inspirational energy. I knew of one source - focussing on what we want to be/ do/ have - what else could there be to cause inspiration? It seems that's a pretty common assumption for the modern-day mind

The Feeling Place Of Ease And Abundance
Fonzy Montenegro

Is life supposed to be all about ease and flow? Is getting what you want really easy? This articles answers these questions and more.Applying the Law of Attraction means mastering ease and flow. It can take a little bit of work, persistence, and discipline to achieve this but when you practice it more, it becomes easier and you won’t need hard work anymore.

The Numerological Influences Of March
Athel Oosterbroek

Shakespeare made an interesting choice when he warned Caesar "Beware the ides of March". Why March? Was it because this is the month most associated with control, which can easily spiral into antagonism, ultimately war?

The Positive Power Of No.
Debra Sevens,

When your highest self you can say NO with ease and it won’t threaten your relationships. It will open up paths you have searched for to the deeper YES that lies within.

The Power Of Connection With Kim Laubscher
Kim Laubscher One of the very first clients I ever had turned out to be one of my greatest teachers. A very small yet very big gift sent to me.  This extraordinary little lady came to see me just after she had been diagnosed with cancer and said that she would like to spend some time coaching and sharing thoughts with me.  My first feelings were that of complete overwhelm.
The Value Of Self Reteats
Chandasara Chandasara, resident teacher at Dharmagiri shares her personal experience of insights and healing gained through silent self retreat.
The Warrior Awakening
Jonti Searll

Many of the people who come to see us, do so from the understanding that our sexual energy is a source of extreme power; a power that can be used for healing and growth in every aspect of our lives.This goes beyond purely sexual issues. Many of the people I’m working with at the moment are using this energy to clear the blockages and patterns of the past in order to make different life choices and to create lives of greater meaning, joy and fulfilment. Part of this journey for men and women is awakening the warrior within. Many of us have lost our connection to this energy, to what it means to live as a warrior, and how to manifest the power of this in our lives.

Touch This Body
Jonti Searll

Touch as an act of prayer. Sacred sensual touch as act of receiving rather than giving. Healing the self through giving.Anybody can do massage, anybody can do healing.This is becoming, becoming massage, becoming touch, becoming healing, becoming conscious, becoming awake, becoming aware, becoming connected, becoming love.

Transcending Human Limitations
Debra Stevens

Through acceptance the continuum of life and your divine blueprint; you will have more joy, more peace and more love.

Trustworthy Guidance
Margie McAlpine

“Trustworthy Guidance – You have received a wonderful idea as an answer to your prayers. This idea is real and trustworthy. You can safely move forward with it knowing that we are with you every step of the way. Ask for and be open to receiving our support for anything that you need related to this idea.”

Turning "hype" To Advantage
Craig Cox

How to understand, see through and use feel good hype for our own advantage

Unconditional Love : The Key To Self-empowerment
Ashraf Moorad

This article presents the role of Unconditional Love in Psycho-Spiritual Self-Empowerment.Unconditional Love is the vibration of Self-Empowerment. It is an energy that heals our powerlessness affectedness and reveals our creativity & inspiration. Unconditional Love is the most valuable and powerful resource in existence

We Are Love
Michelle Leske When four of my very close loved ones pass over in the space of a year, and they were similar in age to me, I started questioning what my generation is doing wrong, to create so much mental and physical illness.
What Does Mindfulness Really Mean
Sharon Salzberg Two reflections by Sharon Salzberg of what mindfulness really means to her
What If Success Is A Choice On How You See Yourself?
Sarah-Jane Farrell

If you have helped alot of people, get great results for your clients, and had tremendous personal results, you can use the three ideas above to help you decide how to position yuorself without being arrogant. But how do you position yourself if you're just starting out (or if you've been around for a while, but haven't quite 'made it' yet)?

When Did You Stop Having Sex ?
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Expanding your money flows has a lot to do with what success means to you. Most people are pretty aware of their fear of failure. But the wild thing is that even more people are deeply afraid of success. You might not even be aware of the fact that you're afraid of success. And yet it could be the very reason why things aren't "taking off" for you.Here are 7 keys to expand your abundance and up level you as your most valuable asset with ease!

Why Travel The World On An Adventure Quest?
Louis Franco

Why go on an World adventure quest? World adventures expand your horizons. Your dreams, your life and your world become biggeryou find yourself becoming a walking question mark.

Why You Should Take Responsibility For Your Own Well-being And Happiness.
Thamini Naidoo

Often we blame other people or situations for our unhappiness. We give away all our personal power by allowing another person, or situation, to determine our life and how we feel. This often leaves us feeling helpless, frustrated an even unhappy.

Wish Upon A Star
Margi McAlpine

Faith and trust are so important. You need to have faith and trust firstly in yourself and then also in the Beings of Light and the Universe who are there supporting and guiding you and bringing about what your heart desires.

You Are What You Seek
Colleen-Joy Page

Seeing with our true eyes frees us of the tyranny of believing that we are creatures crawling around on the face of a small blue planet, grasping for air and survival. May you have nothing left to stand in the way of the full knowledge of what you truly are.

You Will Never Be Original
Sarah-Jane Farrell

What if "Originality" is a paradox. If we have any hope of being original, we must first give up any hope of being original. I believe ( my interesting point of view) is that this is one of those things that we accept at face value, but insist on running round like crazed professors all the same scrambling to figure out what makes us unequivocally different from everyone else. We think we'll find our 'originality' in our brands - as if there is some kind of magic formula that exists out there somewhere, that will make us appear revolutionary even if really, we know we're not. This is fuel for the 'I'm not expert enough' curse. We know, deep down, that our ideas aren't really all that original. We know that what we have to say has been said before. We know that there are already other people out there sharing OUR message  and doing it ten times better, with ten times a bigger audience. It feels like a pretty hopeless situation.