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Cancer Help
Can Someone With Diabetes Take Natural Progesterone?
Sally Longden

Watch what you eat. NO junk! Sugar is our worst poison as it throws you into insulin resistance which prevents ovulation and causes Polycystic Ovary Disease. (Progesterone will help this, but may take a few more
months than just 3). What happens with PCOD is that once insulin resistance starts it does throw other hormones out of balance and the LH and FSH, hormones that are responsible for releasing one egg per month behave badly. Many ovum start to mature, but none reach maturation and therefore not one is released.

Acid Diet Causes Dis-ease
Lee Buckle

The most common reason for a person struggling with “Dis- ease” is due to a highly acid diet. Acid is the Trojan horse of health in this day and age. A secondary meaning of Trojan horse is a "a person or thing that is designed to undermine from within." Excess acid is truly a "thing from within" that undermines or destroys the body.

Hypnosis And Its Use In Cancer Treatment
Linda Clarke Many people have an incomplete or erroneous understanding of what hypnosis is and how it may be used in the treatment of cancer. This article will take a cursory look at hypnosis and where it may be used to offer a complimentary and side-effect–free management of several aspects of care that can be beneficial to patients with cancer.