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Child Healing
Asbestos Cleanse
Desiree Campher

What is so important to share with you is that as water is now a controlled substance, municipalities are obliged to limit water out of peak time. What happens when the water stops flowing through our water pipes? The first point is that most South Africans are not aware that our water pipes are badly outdated and made from materials that contain Asbestos. This asbestos will contaminate all the water supplies to our homes, but when the water is no longer running through the pipes an even more sinister picture is painted. The dry pipes bake in the soil and through this heat process even more asbestos fibres are released. The water supply is then turned on again and the water floods the pipes and carries these very dangerous fibres into every persons home.

Babies And Antibiotics
Neil Jackson Antibiotics, their uses and misuses.
How To Reset Your Nervous System In 60 Seconds
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Do you know your ACE score or that early adverse childhood experiences are where later chronic disease comes from. In the science of epigenetic, unpredictable chronic stress from early childhood makes you more likely to suffer from acute pain and chronic disease later in life. The good news is that through the mindfulness change process and integrative, functional medicine, you can reset your nervous system, heal your brain and no longer have your childhood biology become your biography.

Hypnotherapy For Children - A Wonderful Healing Tool
Leanne Pillay

Children are our most precious beings. Hypnotherapy is a natural and enjoyable process and is very effective for children in treating Many issue.

Kinesiology And Children
Debra McCreedy

There are times when your child is shy or struggling with the confidence to speak up or may find it difficult to express themselves. They may not yet have the words or ability to share with you how they are feeling and what it is they need, which can lead to frustration amongst other symptoms. Children can also be very sensitive to the emotions of those around them and may misunderstand or misinterpret something they saw or heard.

Red Pill Or Bue Pill?
Sarah-jane Farrell

In our instant gratification culture, there is an urban myth circling our news-feeds, e-mails and self-help articles. This myth takes form through the web usually called “5 life hacks to happiness’ or ‘Quick fix for depression” or “7 ways to ……”.

I would LOVE to tell you that there is a tablet you could take which solve all your problems, eliminate issues, dissolve the tough feelings, thoughts and emotions;
OR that in one easy step you could wash away the pain;
OR  a magic potion which will make the chaos creators in your life disappear…

Separation From Family Members
Jenny Hart

Many families in South Africa have various members of their family spread all around the world. Now that we have become more global, we can make different choices. In fact we encourage our children to go off and see the world, take a gap year, see what Europe, America or Australia have to offer! Some leave for better opportunities, work, lifestyle, change or curiosity. This generation is not bound by staying close to the family or staying in one village for their entire lives. It is a blessing if your family are living nearby and family is often what brings them back after the travelling years.