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8 Reasons Why Your Partner Is Having An Affair
Linda Clarke Finding out that your partner had or is having an affair is perhaps one of the most gut-wrenching of all of life's major crises. You put your trust into your partner and believe that you are their only intimate partner and then somehow you find out that your reality has been sadly and tragically wrong. In a heartbeat, a life can feel like it has been turned upside down. Some people never recover from this betrayal. Here are some explanations for why people get involved in affairs:-
How To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence
Linda Clarke Learn How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence which involves learning social skills, being mindful of your own feelings, and the emotional state of others as well. It also addresses such traits as initiative, empathy, adaptability, persuasiveness — none of which are measured on a traditional IQ test.”
How To Give To Get Versus Griping To Get What You Want In Your Relationship
Linda Clarke How To Give to Get Versus Griping To Get What You Want In Your Relationship. It’s really baffling how many of us act as though we believe that putting our partner down will help us get what we want from them. Why? Because venting frustration by grumbling or growling will probably be experienced by them as an attack on their character
Is It Possible To Spot A Narcissist On The First Date?
Dr Lilian Cabiron This article focuses on what are the very early signs of a future nightmare in a relationship. Relating to a narcissist is one of the causes of a very toxic interaction. The present work explores those "red flags" that are present from day one and empaths do not read them .Instead they do "over understand "those alarming signs.
Learn How To Restore Your Flat Relationship
Linda Clarke If your relationship has become flat, have stopped finding it gratifying learn how to restore your flat relationship by you and your partner taking a trip to your too-long-neglected Joy Museum. Re-kindle that lost "spark". Learn how to restore your flat relationship