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Being Able To Forgive
Jeanne Booth

So I became aware of what are the nuances of forgiveness that occur just during our day. When my children fight we have a process of saying sorry, asking the other what they need in order to feel better and end with the words ‘I love you’ and a hug. I can generally tell how resolved the issue is by how much time lapses before they are off playing together again

Complaining Rewires Your Brain For Negativity
Linda Clarke Research shows that most people complain once a minute during a typical conversation. Complaining is tempting because it feels good, but like many other things that are enjoyable -- such as smoking or eating a pound of bacon for breakfast -- complaining isn’t good for you.
How To Give To Get Versus Griping To Get What You Want In Your Relationship
Linda Clarke How To Give to Get Versus Griping To Get What You Want In Your Relationship. It’s really baffling how many of us act as though we believe that putting our partner down will help us get what we want from them. Why? Because venting frustration by grumbling or growling will probably be experienced by them as an attack on their character
Keep Calm And Paradigm Shift
Barbara Abdinor We live in a time where the chaotic collision of crises demands collective and personal evolution. This article is an outline map on how to navigate for personal and collective evolution.
Loving A Difficult Partner
Linda Clarke Our partners can often be difficult, upset us and push our buttons. Learn how to understand where their behavior is coming from, how to respond in a way which will let them know you understand and care. This will tell them that they are seen and heard by you and that they are safe.
Negative Emotions
Beverly Veltman Getting rid of negative emotions
Some Call What I Do Tantra
Roberta Strydom

I prefer to do away with all of that and simply commit to walking beside you as you explore issues such as fear of intimacy or touch, loss of sexual sensation, lack of sexual confidence, premature ejaculation, stress related erectile dysfunction, trouble reaching orgasm, vaginismus, and pelvic floor issues.

The 5 Levels Of Healing Naturally
Dr Kelly Brogan

Falling apart in the process of awakened women - the gift of transformation in chaotic times. How to navigate through the 5 stages of waking up in a New 5d Earth without thinking you are crazy.

The Science Of Happiness
The Media Image

The role of the brain: “We all differ greatly with regards to what makes us happy or provides us with a sensation of bliss,” says Liane Lurie, a psychologist and expert at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group. “For some, it is a feeling of being loved and being close to someone. For others, it may be the knowledge that they and their loved ones are safe. For others, financial security may make them happy.” There are four major chemicals in the brain that influence our happiness: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins.