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At The Heart Of March Is The Desire For Control.
Athel Oosterbroek

Whether this is through the gathering of knowledge, learning which strengthens, drawing lines in the sand or even outright war, communication is at the heart of the matter. How well you fare will determine the level of good cheer. It's all very social, but if conducive channels aren't carved anticipate bad attitudes, general recalcitrance even declared aggression.

Bridging The Divide - Telepathic Animal Communication
Tammy de Oliveira

Telepathic and intuitive animal communication takes you on a magical journey into the wisdom, guidance and healing that our animal friends and companions have to share with us. It opens us to the world of the silent language, the language of our souls and that of our sacred animal friends. 


Cave - Sanctuary
Margie McAlpine

Caves provide shelter and a refuge from the rest of the world. This was important in times gone by when humans lived in caves and used them for sanctuary especially in the winter months. It was also where they became creative and did beautiful cave drawings which showed how they lived and what was important in their lives.

Connecting To Your Spirit Guides
Yolandi Boshoff

So I have had such an interesting couple of weeks and it has really felt like things have become a little clearer for me. I have been on a great search for connection with my spirit guides. In this type of work that I do it is really essential that I totally trust my gut when doing readings for clients and since I started working like that it has been amazing. It all links back to the not trying to control stuff and just going with the flow lessons that keep coming up for me.

Creative Project
Margie McAlpine

“Creative Project – You soul longs to express itself in creative ways. We are guiding you to infuse artistry and creativity into your life. Creative expression makes you feel alive and excited and reignites passion towards your life.”

Margie McAlpine

Today the Angels are telling you that as you step into this new period of light allow it to penetrate deep within your mind and your entire body system. This can be done not only during the Spring period but at any time of the year. 

Focus And You Are Cooking On Gas In May 2016
Athele Oosterbroek

The winds of expansion that promote change speed life up as we tumble towards mid year. The necessity of mastering the art of juggling becomes apparent if results are to be had. Otherwise one could be excused for feeling like a spinning top, bouncing from one attention grabbing event to another, simultaneously grabbing open doors that demand consideration, whilst keeping one eye firmly on all exits in case of need to do a runner.

Gaia - Nurturing
Margi McAlpine

Gaia is Mother Earth, the Mother Goddess that we live on. She nurtures us by providing everything that we need to exist on this Planet. We repay her by using and abusing the bounty that she has provided mostly because of greed and power. This cannot continue much longer!

Happiness Awaits You Now
Margie McAlpine

If you are going through a really stressful situation right now, then this is really good news! The Angels are telling you that the cycle is coming to an end now so that you are able to move forward into a new cycle.

Music Harmony
Margi McAlpine

Sound and music has been around since the beginning of time. Everything was created by sound. Life would be so empty without all the beautiful music and sounds that we are so blessed to enjoy! Angel music especially brings in a wonderful harmony and peace to all who listen to it.

October Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek Numerology insights into the energy prevalent in October and its impact on your energy system. How to work with it to gain best growth and what to watch out for.
Margie McAlpine

Many hand their personal power over to others. Your personal power is your inner essence and no matter how you feel about or love the other person, you should never hand it over to them. Women often hand it over to their partners and men often hand it over to their bosses!

September 2017 Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek Insights into the numerological influences at play during September 2017, in general and specifically according to your birth month. What to anticipate and how to best respond.
Tree – Grounding
Margie McAlpine

Trees are wonderful and beautiful creations of Nature. They bring in the balance between Heaven and Earth. Their branches reach out to the sky breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen which enables us and many other beings on the planet to survive. However their roots are planted firmly in Mother Earth anchoring them to the magical energy of the soil

Trustworthy Guidance
Margie McAlpine

“Trustworthy Guidance – You have received a wonderful idea as an answer to your prayers. This idea is real and trustworthy. You can safely move forward with it knowing that we are with you every step of the way. Ask for and be open to receiving our support for anything that you need related to this idea.”