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20 Reflection 9 Alignment To Change
Lou & Laurel

Our relationship to change is an enigma. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we crave and desire it and yet avoid and run from it at the same time.It is in our basic programming to seek change. It is the spice of life and without it there would be no movement or growth.

3 Ways To Lose Belly Fat - If Diet & Exercise Aren't Working
Peri Zourides authored by Shin Ohtake

Why exercise and eating aren't enough if you still struggling to lose weight around your mid section.
If you’ve been working out regularly and watching what you eat, but you STILL can’t seem to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, there may be a “hidden” cause—and it has nothing to do with diet OR exercise. 

6 Keys To Finding Authentic Spirituality
Colleen-Joy How to find authentic spirituality, in the spiritual market place.
6 Powerful Self-help Concepts That Accelerate Your Manifestations
Fonzy Montenegro

There 6 powerful concepts in the self-help industry that will surely help you manifest what you want. If you're an Abraham-Hicks student, you can add some of the techniques here to your practice. It is important to feel good most of the time so these tools will aid you.

A Sacred Mountain Part One
Kittisaro An article by Kittisaro, the founder of Dharmagiri Insight Mediation Centre. He shares times of blessings and hardships of his, his wife Thanissara, & beloved dog Jack's lives at Dharmagiri, which is situated at the base of Mvoleni mountain, Underberg, KZN. The article was published in the September 2010 edition of Resurgance magazine.
A Sacred Mountain Part Two
Kittisaro The second part of Kittisaro's heart warming telling of his & Thanissara's early life at Dharamgiri.
About Us
Traci French

Who is Body and Mind? What is our vision? Our ranking in the world and South Africa

Against The Wind By Kim Laubscher
Kim Laubscher Going with the flow of life.
Amazing Facts About Fruit And Vegetables
Stuart Wilson

Surprisingly, Nature knows best. “The news isn’t that fruits and vegetables are good for you, its that they are so good for you, they can save your life.” Adapted from David Bjerklie Time Magazine Oct 2003.

Angel Card Reading 12th January 2018 - Law Of Attraction
Margi McAlpine

Law of Attraction – Each thought is an investment that pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely. You have the power to choose your thoughts and align them with love, peace and harmony. At your request we will gladly attune your energies to higher frequencies

Are You Scared Out Of Your Big Girl Panties
Sarah-jane farrell

Are you afraid of your own success? Time to own resistance as a gift to up level your greatness and shine as YOU in every aspect of your life.

“our Children Are Born Sick – They Do Not Get Sick”
Angela Red River Due to the current circumstances on this planet we call Home, it is not possible that the vast majority of so-called civilized humans have clean healthy bodies that can create clean, healthy babies. The very thought of souls incarnating through toxic host parents into the toxic bodies of the babies that we have conceived and gestated makes no sense at all. How would we feel in we were forced to live in a very dirty house for nine months without being able to clean it?!
Body And Mind Frequently Asked Questions - Faq
Traci French

Questions and answers to help you understand the online marketing world of Body and Mind. How we can help you promote your health and well being business.

Paula Quinsee

We all have a dream, a hope, a wish to achieve and excel at something in our lives.
But many of us seldom realise our dreams due to several factors such as our mindset, our attitude and our self-limiting beliefs.
However the only way we grow and evolve is to step out of our comfort zones and stretch ourselves into new areas we have not been in before. Not only does this open up our creativity, it also builds our resilience and ability to be flexible with change as change is the only constant in our lives.

Conquering Depression
Panu Chetty

When you're down and out and the world looks like the most miserable place to be in, all you can do is just feel uncontrollably sad and unhappy. The tears just flow at the most inopportune moments. You didn't choose to be that way it just sneaked up on you without you noticing.Now you find yourself stuck in a deep, dark, miserable hole where there seems to be no possibility of hope. 

Conscious Conception
Angela Red River This article stimulates the imagination as to what is possible for our world once we begin a conscious journey of assisting Souls to incarnate through the bodies of our children during Conscious Gestation and Birth into this awesome school of 3-dimensional experiences
Corporate Wellness: A Trend You Cannot Afford To Miss
Marissa Dana In the frantic and demanding day of the corporate world, employees battle to find the space and time in which to center themselves and re-energize in order to function at their full potential. Cape Town-based wellness company, Follow The Sun, is tackling this issue head on, offering a yoga & coaching-inspired ‘Healthy Habits for Busy People’ Program that assists companies in creating healthy, happy workforces and a culture of positivity and ongoing personal development and real change.
Body and Mind

Depression often lasts for a long, indefinite period of time.Feeling down at times for different reasons is a lot different then ongoing depression. Depression can last from just a few weeks to 6 months or more. Major depression, or depressive illness, is a very serious condition that often leads to an inability to function or even suicide.

Energy Healing - Luxury Or Necessity?
Tracy White

What happens when people neglect their energy hygene? This is a graphic description of why energy healing is an absolute necessity, and anyone who has the money to buy alcohol or cigarettes, or who can afford to go to gym, or any form of entertainment, can certainly afford to tend to their energetic health. To ignore the part of ourselves which is a permanent atribute and one which we cannot live with out is irresponsible.

Five Element Chirology
Jennifer Hirsch

Our fingerprint (and palmar) glyphs are pre-ordained, fixed and unchangeable cosmic imprints, which receive and emit their own unique resonance. They are energy portals, thresholds through which we can better understand and express our authentic responses. This article presents some interpretations of our six primary glyphs.


Harmony In Rest And Activity : Principles Of Thai Yoga Massage
Lisa Martin

At each moment a different action can be taken to bring ourselves back into balance, harmony is constantly dancing between the external and internal worlds. But we can attend to small simple things every moment with a little bit of awareness to take us back to a natural state of balance. The Key is awareness; witch comes with a little bit of effort and Self Knowledge of the Elemants and how they are in constant flux.

Craig Cox Understanding the power of being honest with yourself and others
How The Solar Eclipse On 23rd Oct Affect Us
Fiona van Rensburg

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio occurs on October 23rd, 2014

A Partial Solar Eclipse occurs on October 23rd at 5:58 PM EST at 0 degrees and 25 minutes of Scorpio. Its effects can be felt up to six months after the actual date of the eclipse. In the sign of Scorpio, matters related to intimacy, control, power, money, and sharing will be a strong focus on a personal level. This eclipse is about new beginnings regarding all of these matters.

Utilizing the October 23 - 25 trigger

How To Choose The Right Retreat For You
Bennie Naude

The Rat Race is a term used to describe a frustrating and often overwhelming lifestyle, seemingly impossible to break out of. What's even more fascinating about the rate race is that it has become so much the norm that most people are totally oblivious that they're right in it. Do you also live from weekend to weekend or holiday to holiday and hope that someday things will get better?

How To Get Step In To Your Diamond Genius Zone
Sarah-jane Farrell

4 physical ways to support your gall bladder and liver so that you have the courage and confidence to start your year off in your brilliance and be able to consistently meet your targets. Many of you know I love working with the medicine wheel and the 5 elements in chinese medicine. I always stock up on gall bladder tonics in January for my clients, to keep the gall bladder strong. When the GB is weak you just cannot maintain targets you have set for the year. You will find yourself fence sitting, unable to take steps forward and get moving towards what you desire and require.A STRONG Gall bladder and Liver give you the strength and courage to plan and decide what direction matched where you aim to go!! The yin/yang aspect of liver/gall bladder - both governed by the wood element. This is the year of the Wood sheep so if we are to gather the energy, the vital life force with adaptability and flexibility the liver/ gall bladder communications need to be at their optimum to make this easier for you.

I Am So Embarrassed
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Consciously choose to be clear, what you are really choosing is love over fear. Compassion over shame. Dedication over procrastination. Progress over stuck-ness. It really is very simple. You decide, right here in this moment, that you are clear. You are clear, and you are not confused. Whether or not you believe this is a matter of choice. Either way, you will get to where you are going. You just need to decide whether you are clear...or not.

Is Aggression Over Powering You?
Barbara Johnson

Aggression can be hurtful, painful, humiliating and embarrassing. It is, however, a part of the Human Condition, presenting in various forms; physical, mental, or verbal. Aggression is a state of despair, just like depression and addiction. The Aggressive person, in their despair, tries to control others by violence.

Joie De Vie! Balancing The Second Chakra
Debra Stevens

The Sacral Chakra, the second chakra, is located just above the pubic bone. The Sacral Chakra leads us from the basic existence to what makes life worth living. Sometimes referred to as the sexual chakra, as it involves our sexuality and is also associated with passion, creativity as well as joy. This is the chakra of delight in the world.

Keep Calm And Paradigm Shift
Barbara Abdinor We live in a time where the chaotic collision of crises demands collective and personal evolution. This article is an outline map on how to navigate for personal and collective evolution.
Laughter Yoga And Nlp
Patricia Piper

The benefits of Laughter Yoga and the connection between Laughter Therapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Learning To Stay By Pema Chrodron (part Two)
Pema Chodron Through the process of practicing the mindfulness-awareness technique on a regular basis, we can no longer hide from ourselves. We clearly see the barriers we set up to shield us from naked experience.
May 2017 Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek A guide to the energy influences we can anticipate this May month, in this One year. General overview and month my month breakdown applicable to each birthmonth of the year.
Medical Intuitive Assessments
Desire Campher

Increasing volumes of research in the last 50 years in the field of quantum physics has now given credibility to some of the long held ancient traditions around the world which for generations have maintained that the body is essentially an energy field and that it is "consciousness" ...

Menopause And Cosmetics
Body and Mind

Great care must be given to the protection of the endocrine system’s integrity. Ingredients MUST be bio-identical to what the body knows.Modern anti-aging medicine recognises the value of the endocrine system in maintaining essential body functions. In conjunction with the endocrine system, the skin is there to protect our major organs, maintain the correct body temperature as well as assist with excretory functions. Both systems reflect internal disorders, as the skin on a metaphysical level is also a printout of what is happening internally.

Metamorphosis: A Journey Of Transformation
Opal-Jazmine Dodkins

Metamorphosis is a gift of inspiration for a different future for yourself and your loved ones.  It's an opportunity to create a new life, embracing the ultimate you, now.  Completely liberated and healed, you embark on a journey of the rest of your life beginning today.

More About My Work
Bonnie van Vuuren

I am also extremely passionate about vision boards and teaching people about the all important LAW OF ATTRACTION - trust me VISION BOARDS DO WORK!! Don't let people tell you otherwise:))) We as a family have proved it many times over!! I intend to spend some time this year teaching people how to create their own vision boards that will speak to them and allow them to draw their dreams closer to them then they ever imagined possible.

Move Out Of Pain With The Alexander Technique
Sharyn West

In our daily lives subtle and complex psycho-physical mechanisms allow us to breathe, speak, move and go about our daily tasks automatically. That is ….. until injury, illness, the demands of repeating specific skills, or just doing your job at a desk results in pain and acute awareness. We teach a technique that helps you mind your body to move out of pain.

Munay Ki Rites From Peru
Gaynor du Perez

A comprehensive run down of the Munay Ki Rites, as well as the benefits of receiving them.The Munay-Ki are the 9 great rites of initiation of the medicine way. The Munay-Ki are the Rites of the Shaman's Path of the Q'ero nation, the descendents of the Incans, the indigenous people of the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru. Traditionally, one must spend many years in sacred study before and between receiving these Initiatory Rites. The Elders believe that we are at a critical juncture in human history and that these Rites need to be transmitted to as many people as possible.

Natural Wisdom For Winter-living
Wendy Young

From moment to moment there are an infinite number of changes occurring, both externally and internally. Nothing is static on the level of our everyday experience. One way we can become aware of this is through nature and the changing seasons. During winter the earth’s energy is withdrawn back into herself. It is a time of rest, storing and preparation. This is a time of being grounded, internalised and still. The weather is cold and dry - qualities that aggravate both vata (dryness & anxiety) and kapha (phlegm & sluggishness) doshas (body/mind constitutions).

New Begininngs For Follow The Sun
Kate Aitken We are sharing our latest news and the exciting events in the pipeline that we have to look forward to including weekly yoga classes and our spring launch event.
Newness Born
John Homewood

Tt being my beautiful elder daughter’s birthday on June the 6th, it also signifies a major shift in energy reaching this planet.Astronomers and scientists all over the world have set up their telescopes and binoculars to observe the Transit of Venus, which will be taking place tomorrow South African time..


November 2017 Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek The prevailing energies of November 2017, from a numerological perspective. In general and specifically per month of birth. What to anticipate to assist readers in working with the influences.
October Numerology Insights
Ath Oosterbroek Numerology insights into the energy prevalent in October and its impact on your energy system. How to work with it to gain best growth and what to watch out for.
Past Life Regression Therapy (plr)
Leanne Pillay

Past Life Regression Therapy is a holistic therapy that works with the body, mind, emotions and the soul. It is based on the principles of cause and effect and that your reactions and the way you respond to problems may be based in the past.

Progesterone And Breast Cancer
Anna Rushton and Dame Dr Shirley Bond

Progesterone never causes cancer .... it rather protects the breast against the risk of cancer. Oestrogen dominance is known to cause cancer, for this reason alone women need adequate levels of progesterone which is the antagonist to oestrogen.... it swiches off the cancer gene, the BCL2 gene

Sapphire: Spiritual Truth

“See the sun dance on the ocean; allow my presence to descend from the blue sky above.  Now feel my open arms hold you, all will be replaced by your own solar angelic essence, blinding in its Glory.  A Vision of Truth realized....

Self Worth
Christopher Rory Page

Probably the most damaging flaws in human beings throughout the centuries is the lack of self-worth. Most conflict situations, abusive relationships, career difficulties, body problems and mental fear are as the result of a lack of belief in the self.

Sending Out An Sos To Cut The Bs Of A Quick Fix
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Are you suffering from bright shiny object syndrome? If you are sick and tired of struggling to fill your practise consistently and spending time and money on the next course or program in the hopes that this certification will give you the success and financial freedom you want and no matter what you do you are still spinning your wheels with no more than an expensive hobby, then keep on reading......

Theta Healing And Emotions
Eric Richardson

Imagine a healing modality that enables you to release negative feelings and to have positive feelings that you have forgotten or perhaps have never experienced, such as joy, love, forgiveness, patience, trust, and respect instantly.

Thought You Couldn
Michelle McClunan

Read what life lessons a horse can teach us at this time. Horses are powerful, yet sensitive and intuitive animals- there is much to be earned from them at this time, especially with a new moon greeting us.

Top 6 Myths About Yoga
Patricia Piper

People are often confused about Yoga and are not sure if they should practice or not, for several reasons, religion, flexibility, age...  Here are the top 6 myths around yoga explained to you in a simple way.  

Paula Quinsee

Intimacy is the bond or connection we have with our partner. It is the way we treat each other, how we communicate with each other, the language we use (tone of voice and words), they way we show affection (physical touch), how we validate and acknowledge each other, how we spend quality time together and how we manage conflict.

Turning "hype" To Advantage
Craig Cox

How to understand, see through and use feel good hype for our own advantage

Understanding Social Media
Body and Mind

Body and Mind simplifies the the confusion around social media management. Correct social media management can do wonders for your business.

Water - The Contributor To Health And Beauty
Eva F. Schoenfeld

A deficiency of Tissue Salts can lead to health disturbances, but at a very early stage you can see the level of minerals in the cells in your face. I am introducing some facial and physical signs related to Tissue Salt deficiencies. If you want to learn reading faces and administer the correct Tissue Salts.


We Need To Talk
Paula Quinsee

How often have you heard those words from your partner and your blood has run cold expecting the worst?
Communication forms the foundation of all relationships (both personal and peer). Did you know that we communicate in several ways: 7% words, 37% tonality and 55% through our body language?

What Have You Done
Paula Quinsee

We dread it as D day draws nearer where we are meant to be at the event or engagement we've committed to or to deliver on a task we said we would do. We find ourselves leaving things to the absolute last minute, trying to avoid it in every way possible ending up feeling stressed or running around like a headless chicken.

What If Success Is A Choice On How You See Yourself?
Sarah-Jane Farrell

If you have helped alot of people, get great results for your clients, and had tremendous personal results, you can use the three ideas above to help you decide how to position yuorself without being arrogant. But how do you position yourself if you're just starting out (or if you've been around for a while, but haven't quite 'made it' yet)?

What Is Access Consciousness And The Tools?
Graeme Crosskill

A sneak preview of Access Consciousness, the tools that are changing 1000's of people around the world. and asking questions about What Else Is Possible?

What Is Black Cumin And Why Is It So Powerful?
Desiree Campher

Black Cumin Seeds (Nigella Sativa) have been used for centuries in herbal remedies and has earned it high ranking to the ability it has to act as an Elixir for all illnesses. It has now come to the fore again in it powerful use in the treatment of cancer and HIV/Aids as well as effectiveness against bacteria , viruses, ulcers, diabetes, chronic inflammation and deadly parasites. It contains over 100 chemical compounds and more yet to be discovered.

When Did You Stop Having Sex ?
Sarah-Jane Farrell

Expanding your money flows has a lot to do with what success means to you. Most people are pretty aware of their fear of failure. But the wild thing is that even more people are deeply afraid of success. You might not even be aware of the fact that you're afraid of success. And yet it could be the very reason why things aren't "taking off" for you.Here are 7 keys to expand your abundance and up level you as your most valuable asset with ease!

Who Am I, Really?
Tracy White

Do you know what causes discomfort and dis-ease? Did you know that you are much more than what they eye can see? Your belief structures that you are holding on to so tightly may be outdated and may no longer serve you. Wouldn't you like to put them down and move on? Tis article may give you some insight as to who you are, really...

Who Is Herba Farmacy- Natural Healing?
Desiree Campher

The original organisation 'Natural Healing' was founded in 1998 by Shelley Keith. The main aim was to assist Dr Hulda Clark enthusiasts to be able to obtain her products in South Africa, as importing was and still is financially impossible. Through many years of research, and in the early days, with assistance and collaboration with Dr Clark herself, Natural Healing grew in popularity and became the only true manufacturer of Dr Clark products in Africa.

Why Is Oestrogen Dominant Now
Sally Longden

Have you put on weight recently for no known reason? Your sex drive has taken a holiday, you've become very emotional and you feel tired all the time but nothing you do seems to help? Well, more and more women, and men, are affected this way every day, and according to Dr Al Sears MD it could be due to an oestrogen dominance or overload.


Why You Should Take Responsibility For Your Own Well-being And Happiness.
Thamini Naidoo

Often we blame other people or situations for our unhappiness. We give away all our personal power by allowing another person, or situation, to determine our life and how we feel. This often leaves us feeling helpless, frustrated an even unhappy.

You Will Never Be Original
Sarah-Jane Farrell

What if "Originality" is a paradox. If we have any hope of being original, we must first give up any hope of being original. I believe ( my interesting point of view) is that this is one of those things that we accept at face value, but insist on running round like crazed professors all the same scrambling to figure out what makes us unequivocally different from everyone else. We think we'll find our 'originality' in our brands - as if there is some kind of magic formula that exists out there somewhere, that will make us appear revolutionary even if really, we know we're not. This is fuel for the 'I'm not expert enough' curse. We know, deep down, that our ideas aren't really all that original. We know that what we have to say has been said before. We know that there are already other people out there sharing OUR message  and doing it ten times better, with ten times a bigger audience. It feels like a pretty hopeless situation.