Minnesota House Treatment Center
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Cutting Edge Treatment:

We offer intervention programs with regards to co-dependency behaviour modification, prescription and over-the-counter medication addictions, as well as complex multiple chemical dependencies.

Everyone’s Story Is Unique:

Our primary belief is that no single treatment is appropriate for everyone.

More One-On-One:

Individuals who choose their own treatment program, tend to own this choice and stay very committed to the program.

Relapse Intervention:

We have a programme that assists those who have been devastated by relapsing by focusing on their personal needs and tailoring their treatment to break the relapse cycle.

Contact Details:

Landline: (044) 870 8585
Tel: +27 (0)82 69 69 669
Fax to Mail: +27 86 696 8864
Email: info@minnesotahouse.co.za