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About Art Therapy

Art Therapy involves the use of different art materials through which a client can express and explore himself in the presence of a qualified Art Therapist. The Art Therapist offers a safe, contained and dynamic space in which individuals/groups can open info ones inherent creativity resulting in health and wellness.

Why art? It is often difficult to express oneself solely through the use of words. The art object offers an alternate means of communication.

How? The creative expression in external art images become a window into ones world whereby meaning can be derived. This process leads to insight and transformation.

Everyone can make art! Knowledge of art is NOT a prerequisite for attending Art Therapy Workshops. Art Therapy is suitable for adults and children of all ages and is available both individually and in group.

Art Therapy in South Africa

Art Therapy is a Masters qualification internationally, which is either attended over 2 years full time or 3 years part time. There is currently NO formal registered Art Therapy training in South Africa. Due to the strong interest and demand for Art Therapy in this country - an Intro to Art Therapy 5-Day Course has been developed which aims at introducing you to the internationally developed Art Therapy practice.

Intro to Art Therapy: a 5-Day Intensive Course

The only course in South Africa that includes theory, case studies and experiential art making in the presence of an internationally registered Art Psychotherapist.

The course is targeted at all adults (professionals, mental health practitioners, therapists, social workers, educators, students and artists) who are interested in and want to learn more about Art Therapy and sensitize themselves to the Art Therapy process. The skills, tools and experiences gained by participants can be adapted to and incorporated in work spheres such as art teaching, education, running art groups, a therapeutic practise etc. The course simultaneously serves as a journey for self-growth, insight and personal development.

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Corporate Art Therapy

Albert Einstein said that Creativity is intelligence having fun.
He also said that
Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Professionals working together in a corporate environment are comprised of various personalities, needs, cultures and expectations. It can be difficult to understand one another solely through the use of words. Art is a powerful form of interacting and building relationships as it dynamically transcends verbal language. The trained Art Therapist drives this innovative and interactive process which enables your team to utilise and connect both left brain thinking and right brain creativity - thereby increases opportunities for success.

Participation is informal and fun, and guarantees to release stress, improve team motivation, communication and morale and thereby improve team productivity in the workplace.

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