Music and Sound Therapy
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Music Education Universe with Valerie Kerr

Music changes lives - Music Education with Valierie Kerr
music changes livesDiscover Your Passion or any hidden issues.
While listening to live piano music express yourself by writing or drawing.
People are known to discover secrets hidden deep within.
You may be surprised to even find your Passion you so desperately want to find.

It has been said that the Seven sounds of the musical scale. The 7 Primary colours of the rainbow and the 7 energy centres in the body resonate at similar frequencies.
In additions to the primary colours there are infinite variations between each colour just as there are harmonics between the main sounds of the musical scale which can compare to the different frequencies between the main energy centres (Chakra’s) in the human body.
Having said that the beauty of the music and splendour of colour shades synchronise and create different responses from the subconscious mind.
People are often surrounded in colours while listening to beautiful music.

Reveal your personal issues yourself through the miracle of live Piano music.
Music Therapy (Recitals) held at the Rembrandt Mini Theatre 4th Sunday of each month.
Entrance is by donation.

Please bring a pencil and Note Book that you can use to write what you feel or to draw images or doodle expressions of your feelings.
Each time you may experience something different. By using the note book you can keep referring to it as you wish in order to jog your memory with what you learned. Each time you look at what you did it may reveal something new to you.
This may be unnecessary to those of you who just want to listen.

The programmes are numbered. A number will be drawn at the end of the programme. The winner will receive a CD of the music performed.
Contact Valerie Kerr

083 486 5054

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