Holistic Healing with Sharmini Naidoo
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Holistic Healing with Sharmini Naidoo in Kempton Park

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is healing of the mind, body and soul. We are all perfect beings that may have become disconnected from our higher self through the stress and strain of everyday life. Through meditation, contact with spirit, energy healing and or hypnotherapy you can become whole again and reconnect with your higher self.

Holistic Healing can assist where traditional methods have not succeeded or can be used as an adjunct to conventional medicine. We offer an extensive array of services including hypnotherapy, past life regression, future life progression, reconnective healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, animal healing and ESP, oracle card readings, angel therapy and readings, meditation, transformational kinesiology, crystal healing, chakra balancing, mediumship, magnetic therapy and rudraksha ratna therapy.

Holistic Healing also offers Angel, Golden Atlantis and Lemurian Planetary Healing workshops accredited through the Diana Cooper School. Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing workshops are also part of our portfolio. And two brand new editions coming soon: Soul Contracts Workshop and Karma Cleansing Workshop.

Holistic Healing Merchandise
Stockists of Diana Cooper Books and cds at discounted prices. We also stock a range of painted and unpainted ceramic angels, dragons, unicorns and angel and fairy trinkets. Angel essences, gem stone elixirs and aura sprays also available.

Holistic Healing also brings you the spirit of tea 
We are stockists of Bliss green tea which provides many health benefits including improved memory, enhanced immunity, improved artery function, benefits to the heart, hydration of the body, regulated glucose levels, reduced cancer risk and facilitation of weight loss. Bliss green tea is exclusively picked at farms in India and processed to preserve the medicinal value and original taste of the products.

Through our partners we offer vedic astrology readings and solutions to karmic and planetary imbalances. Special rates on high quality gemstones, rudraksha, yantras and pooja items at the India trade shows.

Let Holistic Healing become a way of Life for you. Begin your amazing soul enlightening journey today. For more info please contact:

083 775 9050
082 8544 607