Crystal Haven School of Gemstone Healing
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Crystal Haven School of Gemstone Healing

Crystal Haven School of Gemstone Healing was founded in 2003, and offers certificate courses in Crystal Healing:

Introductory Course
Level 1 (Intermediate Course)
Diploma Course
Spiritual Aid Courses in Self Mastery - to help you live through the chaos.
Very Affordable

Only available by Correspondence, or by special arrangement.

The School is registered with the SA Federation of Spiritual Healers (affiliated to the National Spiritual Healers Federation in Britain), as a Sanctuary.

Ingrid Richert has practised Crystal Healing, Deep States Therapy, and Regression Therapy for 19 years. Trained as a Medical Technologist (Clinical Pathology) in Switzerland, and specialised in South Africa as a Medical Technologist in Parasitology, working for the Medical Research Council for 10 years. Crystal Healing Diploma (Crystal Healers International).

Ingrid is registered as a Crystal Healer, and a Spiritual Teacher with the SAFSH, and was registered with the Natural Healers Association (Gauteng), as a Complementary Health Care Practitioner for 10 years
(until retirement.)
Crystal Haven also offers:
Treatments only on offer on Wednesdays includes:
 Past Life Regression
Deep States Therapy
Crystal Healing and Balancing

Seminars on a number of spiritual topics, as well as Shamanic Mini-Courses
(called Earth Speaks) are on offer on a Saturday morning once a month, if numbers allow.
Contact Ingrid for more information and to enquire about courses:
Tel: 033 - 330 7116

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