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Dr Walter Willies - Bio-Focusing

Bio-focusing with Walter   Bio-focusing:
focusing on living
Bio-focusing with Walter 

We are constantly focussing on something  every day there are thoughts asking for attention. These thoughts come about automatically and can relate to work, health, money, and these thoughts seem to compete with each other for attention!
Bio-focusing is about learning how to create and manage mental energy, emotional energy, health energy, spiritual energy and intelligent energy. Consciousness occurs when energy and focus overlap, and within the concept of bio-focusing there are tools that assist the purposeful movement of each of these.

Workshops, include topics such as Stories That Discover, Healing Through Freedom of Imagination, Creative Arts and Healing, Poetry Therapy, Narratives for Organisational Excellence, Preparation for Eternal Living, Why Love is Naked and others.
Bio-focusing is an active tool for coaching and can be used in conjunction with many applications.
Skype consultations are possible by appointment.


Bio-focusing sets out the essentials of complementary medicine:
techniques of attention and intention
 that are core. Combined with any system of medicine or modality,
or as an approach on its own,
bio-focusing produces real and rapid results.
Creative, yet clear and clinical, bio-focusing is a vehicle
 for movement towards healing and meaning.  

The focus is on building fruitful skills arising from actual sensitivities.
Initiation is easy, immediate and anyone can do it.
Its as natural as breathing and as simple as pointing. Applications range from
personal growth to corporate health to clinical skills.

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 The author and presenter is Dr Walter Harry Willies, a previous professor of English and a current adjunct- professor of complementary medicine. Dr Willies is a UK registered homeopath, a US registered poetry
 therapist as well as a Quantum-Touch instructor.

Bio-focusing with Walter 

 Workshops specifically on Quantum Touch can be found on

Wally Harry Willies

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