Maginta with Alida Haarhoff
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Alida Haarhoff is an intuitive guidance counsellor and soul coach.
A mother to two gorgeous daughters and a wife for 18 years.
Alida offers one-on-one personalized readings from her tranquil space in Noordhoek, Cape Town.

Alida thrives on finding the right path and guiding you to reaching your goals,
whether they are through career, relationships, love, money or self confidence.

Maginta is all about healing, inspiring and taking control of all those important aspects of life.
Alidas readings are done through Tarot Cards, Numerology and
Family Constellations as tools to access guidance for others.

Alida teaches Tarot and has a richly in-depth understanding of the cards.
She also works within the Corporate Environment and does corporate functions as well.
Alida has featured on Heart Fm and Mutha Fm Radio .

A reading with her can be of assistance to the different paths of your life,
Alida can give you insight into circumstances surrounding your life- past, present and future.
I can show you how to accept your strengths and talents.
Once these issues are identified for what it is, then you would be able to view the
situation from a different viewpoint and be able to make a better decision.

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Alida Haarhoff

083 409 6854 |  |

Capri Village, Noordehoek
Cape Town South Africa