The Soul Sanctuary
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 The Soul Sanctuary

A peaceful and inspirational healing sanctuary for the restoration of body, mind and spirit.

Energy Alignments.

The most valuable journey you can take is rediscovering the power of the Self. Preshana works with her clients through powerful meditation, energy alignment and healing to bring synchronicity of mind, body and soul. This allows clients to reach their highest potential and bring about balance in the 7 areas of life. Energy alignment allows one to unlock the true intrinsic qualities/virtues that lie within us. This positive experience calms and gives one a sense of purpose which leads to an improvement in physical health as well harmony in relationships.

Detox & Drainage

Detoxification is an important ritual to purge the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract of unwanted toxins. Detox is one of the most important aspects of health. Without a proper detox, the body will shut down - this is a fact. read some interesting stories from those who have experienced the benefits of a simple detox process.
Breaking Bad Habits: Transformational CoachingTransformational Coaching

Transformational sessions are designed to help you discover yourself and the blocks that keep you from living life to the fullest. Its about breaking old habits and changing methods that no longer work for you. With your new awareness, you have the opportunity to change or keep them. Learn how to create a new approach to life.

Anyone who is experiencing major change in their lives e.g. change in the form of career, divorce or change in personal circumstances. Anyone who finds themselves repeating the same old limiting patterns, for instance choosing the same type of partner, even though it is not in your best interest. Anyone who is on in a place of indecision and is ready to make that all important decision or choice.

The duration of each session is 2 and a half hour and can be combined for half day and full day workshops. Each session is personally facilitated by Transformational Coach, Preshana Bhimma. Make the decision to call today and book your Transformational Sessions.


Aura Soma

Aura-Soma is a natural healing method that makes use of the vibrational powers of colour, crystals, and natural aromas combined with light in order to harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Aura-Soma healing came out of England in the beginning of the 1980s. Aura-Soma and the Equilibrium bottles were created by Vicky Wall, a healer and herbalist who had dedicated her life to spiritual research and the treatment of illnesses with plants.

This holistic therapy is strictly connected to the concept of colour, which has therapeutic uses going back to ancient times. Every colour is a wavelength of light whose specific energetic quality can influence the whole range of human emotions through the chakras. Today, we all recognize that the chakras - whorls of energy that rotate in our etheric body - are made of a number of colours, but that one colour dominates in each chakra. More Info
When I Change, My World Changes


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