Truessence with Michelle Sachs
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I have been following a spiritual path of learning and growth for most of my life. I began my career in the creative arts as a Graphic Designer in 1989. I loved working in the corporate world and gained a lot of experience in the field of design, art direction, photography, strategy and planning. In 1996 I choose to go freelance in order to expand my knowledge and gain more experience. I now freelance to a variety of clients and thoroughly enjoy the creativity of this exciting and ever-changing field.

The call to healing has always been strong though and I was pulled in the direction of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. I studied further, completing my international diploma in 1999. I have a very successful practice today. I love the interaction with my clients, looking at nutrition, lifestyle and meridians while aiding them towards a healthier, happier life. Good health is ones greatest wealth!

However animals and dolphins in particular, are my greatest love and passion! I was truly fortunate to be able to swim with wild dolphins for the first time in 1999. After that I was seriously hooked and returned yearly to swim with them, finding much healing, peace and inner solace from the experience of engaging with these incredible beings on their terms and in their natural environment. I needed to learn more, which resulted in me traveling to Bermuda and the Bahamas to work with them and study further. I now run holistic healing retreats to swim with wild dolphins in Mozambique. I thoroughly enjoy facilitating the meeting between dolphins and retreat participants. Everyone comes away with a special experience of their own and finds that they are changed in some way. Our retreats include swimming with wild dolphins (following a strict code of conduct) as well as holistic healing practices including meditations, energy work, educational talks and instruction in the Dolphin Breathing Technique pioneered by myself.

As a child I was always talking to animals and answering myself back by saying what I thought they would say if they could. The fascinating field of telepathic animal communication had interested me for many years, so in 2005 I completed a course with Wynter Worthsthorne.

I absolutely loved chatting with the animals and found I had a natural ability, the one I had been using from childhood, to talk to the animals. I started off doing communications for friends and family and built up to getting clients as people referred me on. Slowly my professional communication business was born and is something I still do to this day. Its a talent and a gift I am so blessed to have.



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