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Palace of Peace with Michelle Manders

Michelle Manders - Place of Peace Fourways, Gauteng


Michelle Manders Place of Peace Fourways

With over 20 years of being a spiritual entrepreneur and helping thousands transform their lives,
I want to help more do the same! I specialise in spiritual wealth and development, relationship wellness, medieval astrology and more...

Palace of Peace is a global community of positively self-empowered, like-minded and like-hearted spiritual lightwarriors who have come together to make a positive impact in the world we live in and share together. This we do primarily through our constantly running Earth Guardian Projects. I will elaborate a little further on. Palace of Peace is also a Spiritual University founded and created by myself, Michelle Manders. All the courses and messages that you find on this site have been delivered to humanity through me since 1996 by the Ascended Masters.

The 4 main Ascended Masters working through me are
Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene, Goddess Jezebel and Lady Guinevierre. CLICK HERE for more info

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