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The ancients understood that the fusion of electromagnetic earth energy, together with light activation of gemstones would produce powerful healing potentials. Hand mined gemstones would be laid upon the body and the sunlight allowed to filter through the gems.

The colour, light, frequency, and crystalline energy of the sun and the gemstones combined would then be directed to the body for healing activation to take place.


Crystal Light Therapy

Harnessing frequency, colour, light,
and crystalline energy

Our world of self-created Stress

Modern man is possibly undergoing his most challenging health problems in his evolution, with stress being now scientifically linked directly to �dis-ease�. In a recent clinical study Professor John Weinman from the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London has proven that people that have a relaxed type personality heal twice as fast as those who have a stressed type personality. Finally, modern day science and medicine is beginning to understand the mind body connection. This is something well understood by the ancient ones hence their reliance on Meditation, Mantras and Tantra to keep mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

Mindful of the negative impact stress has on our immune system, Medica Health Ltd utilized their considerable knowledge of Shamanistic, Vedic and Chinese traditions and tasked their scientists and engineers to create a technology to reproduce these techniques and bring deep relaxation, improved spleen energy and a balanced human energy field. 5 years of development later resulted in the Theragem, a unique fusion of:

Incoherent Polychromatic Light Technology (480-780Nm)
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (Alpha, Delta, Beta, Theta)
Schumann Resonance Technology
White Noise Technology
Precious Metals (Gold and Silver)
Precious Gemstones and Crystals

The Theragem Clinique recently introduced and exceedingly versatile with Multi Freq Generator (Rife)

The Theragem Gem cups -30 Carats of Gemstones in each precisely crafted colour prism

Testimonials: We have had very good results with a wide variety of ailments. In particular psoriasis and eczema respond well, as do thyroid disorders-both hyper and hyper-thyroid. We are applying the Theragem to a variety of autoimmune disorders with promising results. Depression, anxiety, hypertension and hyper-lipidemia have been treated with success. Treatment of a fatty liver (an extremely common CT finding in the US) is dramatically effective. One 20 minute session powerfully de-fats the liver and the patient experience an immediate steatorrhea that lasts 2 days. Dr Brad Haire  The Riversong Center of Integrative Medicine - USA Read more

Learn about the 3 Keys to Health:
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