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Shiatsu practice is based on the oriental medical principle that mind and body is regulated by energy flowing along a network of meridians. According to this principle, the energy responsible for the functioning of mind and body flows through these meridians and a person becomes unwell once this natural flow of energy is disturbed. If this natural flow is restored, then the natural healing power of the body returns the person to good health. Climate, toxins in the environment or the body, emotional factors, lifestyle, stress or physical trauma may be the cause of these disruptions. These disturbances follow well known patterns and can be corrected during shiatsu by applying pressure along the meridians with an emphasis at relevant pressure points. Shiatsu balances energy and the autonomic nervous system

Trigger Point Therapy Trigger points are areas of hyperirritability within soft tissue that develop when a muscle is injured or overworked. A tight or painful muscle can be the result of an active trigger point. Trigger points caused by trauma create changes in the tissues chemical balance, irritating the sensory systems. Local tenderness and referred pain, tingling, numbness, burning or itching are characteristic symptoms of a trigger point.

Sports and remedial massage The goal of sports and remedial massage is the correction of dysfunctional movement and posture as well as the rehabilitation from injury whether from playing sports or from daily activities. Sports massage can be used as a means to enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time for maximum performance during training or post-event. Sports massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries and helps athletes to compete at their best.

Swedish Massage Swedish massage is the classic European massage, which aims to facilitate circulation, reduce excess muscle tension, increase flexibility, and promote relaxation.

Shiatsu Treatment during Pregnancy and Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy massage comforts and relieves a pregnant womans body. It releases musculoskeletal strain during pregnancy as well as addresses the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy.

Shiatsu for Cancer Patients and Massage for Cancer Patients Massage for cancer patients speeds post-operative recovery, relieves stress and the side effects of chemotherapy (such as nausea, fatigue and low blood count), strengthens immune function, improves sleep, alleviates pain, helps in coping with depression, boosts self confidence, reintegrates the body and promotes a better self image.

Meditation for Pain Relief Meditation can alleviate the physical and emotional suffering of chronic pain. The latest advances in mind-body research confirm the wisdom of the meditation tradition. This tradition has developed new ways of thinking about the causes of suffering and practical strategies for ending it. Its methods calm the mind down and give you powerful insights into the nature of pain which will change your relationship with pain. They also help you recover from anger, anxiety, loneliness and depression.

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