Touch Energy Healing
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        Practitioner of Touch Energy Healing 


As a practitioner I channel messages while I do healing.
I also teach my clients how to Manifesting Alignment when they come in for a Healing.
The healings I do are between 60 and 90 minutes

The day my journey began, I fought the messages that i received but they came back matter what i did.

Today I look back and I know this is the experience I have came for.
The laying of hands is an ancient method of healing in which hands are a conduct of the higher power. 

Health can be affected by a blockage in the flow of Chi (Life Energy). If energy flows through us smoothly, we feel well and balanced.
If they become blocked or clogged, we feel lethargic or out of balance, pain, depression and other ailments may be indications that we need to release the blockages.
This is very important for preserving emotional, mental and physical well-being. 

Part of the Touch Energy Healing I do is to enhance energy flow through out the body so that we can raise our level of Consciousness.
Consciousness is the screen upon which everything is reflected. Whatever negative experiences, thoughts and feelings we have and do not release,
end up in our cellular memory. When this is released at a cellular level we free ourselves from this weight
and replace it with Light, this helps us calibrate at a higher Conscious level so that we can move forward in "This Life We Came to Live."

Raes poetry corner
The day My Journey began

Free Yourself

Free Yourself from all the burdens in your mind
Free yourself from all troubles in your head
Take the road that leads you to the grateful way
Take your mind and lead it to this wonderland
Open your eyes youll see me holding your hand

There is so much to be had
If only you could just be glad
You make so many decisions
Open up the mind everything is possible

I am the life within your soul, within your heart
I want to go where you go and be a part
This gratefulness you feel is how we will start
Then will come abundance, kindness and joy
Followed by all that you choose to be grateful for
by Rae Manthiri



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