Authentic Wellbeing with Christine McNair
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Authentic Wellbeing with Christine McNair

Authentic Wellbeing
What does Authentic Wellbeing mean?
Authentic means:
Of good authority
Real / actual
Vouched for
Wellbeing means being well on many levels - happy, healthy, prosperous.
Access BodyTalkBODYTALK
BodyTalk is a consciousness-based healthcare system. What does this mean? In a simple way we are working with our belief systems at various levels in the body. The essence is to get to what is beneath the symptom that has arisen and once one has the consciousness of this - or awareness of it - you, as the client have the choice to drop the belief system.

There are 3 ways of experiencing BodyTalk in person - one is a one on one session and the other is to learn to attend a class on the Access BodyTalk so that you can apply it to yourself. The third way is to receive a distance session.

Benefits of distance sessions are:
You can receive the treatment in your home
Saves time in many ways
Often can work better than an in-room session
Anyone in the world can receive sessions
At the end one can either phone, write, skype, or send a recording.


Qi (chee) is the vital energy of the body. It is the Qi that distinguishes living creatures from inanimate objects.
When someone is healthy the Qi moves smoothly through the channels. When there is a block in the flow of Qi - too weak or too strong - then illness / pain can occur. The aim of the acupuncturist is to correct the flow of Qi by inserting thin needles into particular points in the channels to affect the function. Changes in the Qi precede physical changes and so acupuncture can be used as preventative medicine.
The practice is that I use new needles for each client.
Resonance repatterning
This is a practice where we use a muscle check to check
resonance with a set of words.
A problem is something we have but dont want...
An intention is something we want and dont have...
Resonance Repatterning, used to be called Holographic Repatterning.
Think of a radio station like Radio 702 and when one is tuned into it you hear what they are broadcasting and so you dont hear what they are broadcasting on SABC. It is the same when experiencing a Resonance ng session. When something comes up from the unconscious mind you are given the opportunity to tune into the new consciousness and shift to change your resonance.

The way it is done is either in sitting or in lying down. Neuromuscular feedback is used which is a biofeedback kinesiology tool to check your resonance in a session and once the session has ended a healing modality is used to shift the resonance. Distance sessions are also available.
Contact Christine McNair
Landline: 011 788 4353
Mobile: 084 222 8833