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DoodlEscape - zen through doodling therapy

We all doodle or have doodled in our lives. As children we started with scribbles and then progressed onto stick men and for some that is where it stopped, for others it evolved into other forms of creativity. It doesn't really matter where you are on the creative scale (scribbles versus identifiable forms) DoodlEscape welcomes anybody. Doodling IS for everybody, regardless of age or talent as there is no judgment on creativity as this is unique to each and everyone of us.

Being creative is therapeutic and the benefits of doodling are as follows:

- Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
- Encourages confidence, awareness of self and contentment from within
- Increased focus, memory, attention span and productivity left brain versus right brain
- Calming, relaxing, a more tranquil space for solutions to occur
- Creative thinking in problem solving (encourages thinking out of the box)
- Helps to accept mistakes and to work with them
- A safe way to express feelings, to work out what is happening in your world
- Encourages creativity and play
- Encourages a great self-esteem as each doodle is unique
- No art talent required - teaches tolerance, acceptance and no judgment
- Introduces balance between digital world and creativity
- Assists in working through trauma and challenges
- These benefits have been verified by research done on the effects of doodling on the brain but the most effective benefit  that I have seen from my sessions is that the kids and adults become more creative in every area of their lives by finding balance and discovering who they are in the process.

Healing Through Art Healing Through the Past
At certain times in our lives we become stuck in negative thought behaviors and patterns making it seem impossible to be in any other state or to move through and beyond this to realize our true potential.
At these times we may seek help and find that the help we are getting is not enough or we are just not getting it.
The beauty of learning from the past,
is the ability to access memories and being able to view these as an observer. A renewed view can reshape the choice into the true choice which benefits growth and serves the soul.
This is the way we learn, release our blocks and fears, let go and accept the truth of our beings.

My gift is to share art in such a way that people connect to their spirit, identifying the yearning of their heart and soul core values through the language of their creativity. I intuitively read their creativity allowing them insights into their lives.


Michelle Joubert
Mobile: 082 330 9887
Email: mich.joubert@vodamail.co.za
Visit: www.michellejoubert.co.za

Art is the greatest healer of soul, mind and body

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