Hayley Healing
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Hayley Healing

healing from abuse and rape

Hayley is wellness on every level of your existence -
Inspiring, Healing and Uplifting

Have you ever considered that you are more than just a physical body? Hayley expresses this energetic reality in a very simple, understandable way. Hayley will show you how lifestyle changes and deeper awareness of your thoughts and feelings can restore a good flow of energy.

Hayleys talks, workshops and one-on-one appointments are inspiring, healing and uplifting. She combines many tools and healing modalities with a heartfelt desire to help, to empower, transform and educate others. She is a transformational coach, spiritual healer, metaphysician, animal communicator and healer. Her positive and light attitude, lift and inspire people to help themselves and to break free from limiting beliefs and programming.

Her empathy and intuitive skills enable her to see, hear and understand what is creating or blocking issues, and to gently and compassionately address it, bringing it up to the clients consciousness. Hayley encourages self-empowerment and provides ways to fulfil the unimaginable potential of each individuals unique path in life. Hayley facilitates both personal and corporate development with empowering self-help techniques.

Hayley Rautenbach
Cell: 072 971 8450