Lorraine Burne
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As an authorised Casa Guide to John of God, Lorraine Burne tells us about her beautiful journey to Brazil and how this changed her life completely. Lorraine now arranges guided trips to Brazil for groups of people to meet John of God. This trip should be on everyones bucket list! The healing works on many levels, from physical to spiritual. In this interview, Lorraine tells us more about this trip.


Casa Luz Divina
41 Deerpath Close,
Lorraine Burne
Mobile: +27 82 856 6811
Phone: +27 11 469 3071
E-mail: info@luzdivina.co.za


In the usual beautiful way of Spirit  I was magickally guided to take this most amazing, special journey to the Casa of John of God in Central Brazil and in finding Lorraine Burne as my Guide to get me to this holy and sacred place. The alchemical magick of the Casa is phenomenal.

And I have to say I would not have experienced the honour and privilege of meeting and connecting with this oh, so very humble man who has dedicated his whole life in service to the Light and the great gift of coming before the Entities - (who stepped forward to aid me in my Soul Progression, to assist me in releasing all that does not serve me and to move me forward into my new life)  the beauty, the many, many blessings, the healing and positive transformation in my life that is still continuing to unfold - if it was not for Lorraine. To undertake such a life-changing journey of your Soul  it is imperative to be absolutely and totally immersed in the process and being in the moment to be fully aware of what is coming up for release and to be fully available to yourself to co-create, together with the Entities, your transition from the darkness of your life and into the Light of your Soul. And Lorraine allowed us to do just that  she took care of the mundane and also our spiritual welfare as we journeyed along this reverent, life-changing path. It was very reassuring to me and allowed me to totally surrender to the process and receive all that I needed to. She made sure that we had clarity on exactly how everything at the Casa is run, what to expect, the when, how and who of it all  and also arranged many magickal experiences  lots of laughter and joy-filled times and we had a very special, unforgettable experience, which is indelibly etched into my Soul. My gratitude, love and many blessings to Lorraine  for being the most amazing, magickal and special Guide of John of God.