Alexander Technique
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With Sharyn West & Lucia Walker

There is a new development for the Alexander technique in South Africa!

Alexander Technique : Learning and Teaching Programme (AT:LTP) offers:
- Alexander Technique teacher training;
- introductory and follow-on workshops;
- tailored courses for specialist interest groups;
- one-to-one lessons.

Alexander Technique (AT) helps you learn to use your balance, flexibility and co-ordination consciously
and mindfully. It has been scientifically shown to produce a wide range of health benefits.

AT is a simple and practical method that allows you to :
* Reduce tension and stress in everyday activities :
(walking, cooking, sitting at a computer, driving a car).
* Improve posture, coordination, and self-awareness.
* Deepen awareness in specialised activities such as Yoga, Pilates, and Martial Arts.
* Enhance presentation skills by fear of public speaking, stage fright.
* Improve skills in sports and performing arts
* Help relieve chronic pain from lower back syndrome, neck and shoulder tension,
runners knee and tennis elbow.
* Aid recovery from surgery or illness and prevent future injuries.
* Increase energy and mental clarity.

We use gentle touch and verbal guidance to introduce new experiences of simple basic movement.
This guidance becomes the start of a process of developing awareness and choice about your movement habits and possibilities for change.

For detailed information about medical and scientific articles, links to videos and other information
please visit the website of the South African Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique at

There is a wealth of information about this work on the internet and many examples of specific applications
on YouTube - just search for Alexander technique.

Cost vary between private lessons, workshops and small group classes. We are happy to offer concessions should cost be the reason you would not be able to access this work. Our venue is in Corlett Drive near Illovo Corner. We are also happy to travel to you if that is better.

To discuss options and for further information please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.

Lucia on 0792 649518

Sharyn on 0723 645130