Catharsis Coaching with Dominic Rex Haarhoff
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Catharsis Coaching with Dominic Rex Haarhoff

Catharsis Coaching with Dominic Haarhof
A holistic way to improve your health
Services Offered:
Shakti/Shiva Energy Healing Sessions

With transmission of Shakti/Shiva energy Holy love / Holy spirit into your bodies your Blofeld is lightened up and I can feel at a certain point during the session the energy radiating from your aura to indicate to me that your aura has been energized and rejuvenated. The energy primarily enters your crown chakra and from there flows like water where needed as an intelligent force for healing and awakening. Your 7 main chakras may be opened and balanced with each other.
Usui Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is pronounced Ray Key. Rei is the Japanese word which means universal and is referring to a higher dimension of light and soul. Ki is the Japanese word which means the vital life force energy which interpenetrates and connects everything. In a Reiki healing session I use the energy of the white ray to cleanse the aura and recycle negative emotions, the green ray to clear and re-program the mind and the silver ray to heal the body tissue. I may also use Kundalini-Reiki to illuminate the chakras.
Atman (Inner Spirit) Activation Sessions

An activation session is similar to a healing session, however in this session your inner star of healing and awakening will be activated so that your growth on the spiritual path may be accelerated. We learn how to connect to the Ka with a specialized meditation. During the session we may work on nurturing psyche states and use a variety of modalities to explore your inner world. This could include ego state therapy, somatic experiencing, hypnosis and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
Akashic Records Readings

I assist you to attain the casual state of consciousness where we work with your casual body in 1st or 2nd person perspective. We can take out life books or books on any subject of interest. There are rooms in the library to view the past and see into future possibilities. We could even do a life between life regression. You can also get a reading on all the other planets you may have incarnated on looking at your rights of passage as a starseed. It is also possible to read ones lifes contract. All depends on the individual (how much they meditate). The first session consists of awakening your dormant Well of Dreams chakra to enable your 6D body to move, listen and see around you.
Shamanic Journeying

I consult you about an issue in your family, an event that happened in the past, and do a traditional Yaqui Shamanic journey overnight to investigate your issue and report on this the next day as we explore how to find closure and healing of the situation. During this process I journey into the past / push my consciousness back in time and visit this or alternative realities from the bhuddic plane (unity) where all is one into the separate parallel earths. You may be interested to request a journey if you are aware of parallel selves living on this planet (from dreams or meetings on the casual) or need insight into something that happened to you or your ancestors. I am a skilled Journeyman and can outrun the hare ...
2 Day Shakti or Shiva Energy Level 1 Healing Attunement Workshop

Become an energy healer and work with the universal healing energy of your own awakened Kundalini. Bring about emotional healing, mental clarity, and spiritual purification. Experience the bliss of a balanced body. This workshop is for those who wish to become energy healers themselves or for existing healers who wish to incorporate it into their practice. It is also for seekers who wish to start their journey towards self-realization.

Participants will be attuned/initiated into Shakti energy or Shiva energy for healing and awakening from the top down - in other words from the Buddhic, causal, mental, emotional and into the physical level. You will be attuned to the polarity of energy that suits your constitution, demeanour and temperament the best. You will also be taught how to channel this energy through your hands to other people both in person and remotely over any distance.
Contact Dominic Today:
Tel/Fax 044 873 0547
Cell: +27 79 548 8947


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