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Fiona sees clients from Mon - Fri 8am-6pm,
Sat - Sun 8am-1pm.
Make an appointment with Fiona
at the Portal of Alchemyvia WhatsApp or email

Healing Services

  • Can you possibly imagine there is much more to you than you are allowing now?
  • And that you have a Divine support system ready to help you express all the magic in you?
  • What is yearning to express in you that you have not believed in or thought could be truly realized? It is there, it is you!
  • Expand your perimeters and let your greater Self in! Let me help you with your personal transformation.

Fee Change Notification

My rates from 1st July 2016 are:
R450 for an hour session
R650 for a 2 hour session
R950 for a 3 hour session
R1250 for a 4 hour session

ON-LINE Skype session rates Local R550 for hour
ON-LINE Skype session rates International US$40 for hour
Payment via PayPal : info@portalofalchemy.com

Consultation followed by an appropriate clearing/ balancing/ healing/ reading/ activation session which I am intuitively guided to do.

Please know that I have a cancellation fee policy:
Theres a charge of R450 for appointments cancelled in less than 24th notice period.

For your convenience, we do have card facilities. Alternatively, Eft payments are still welcome.

Reiki with a difference 1hr
Intuitive Energy Healing 2hrs
Crystalline Sun DNA Activation Level I 3 hrs
Crystalline Sun DNA Actualisation Level II 3 hrs
Soul Retrieval 2hrs
Past Life Releasement Healing 2hrs
Crossing Over 2hrs
Applied Energy Healing and Counselling 2hrs
Crystal Light Body/Merkabah Activation Level I 2hrs
Crystal Light Body/Merkabah Activation Level II 2hrs
Opening up of Spiritual Path (Spiritual Counselling) 2hrs
Intuitive Angel Card Readings 2hrs
Chakra Balancing and Aligning 2hrs

INTRODUCTION TO METAPHYSICS (Course 1/3 in becoming a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner by Profession through MetaVarsity in Durban)


Metaphysics is the study of the underlying principles of life and the application of these principles in mastering our lives.

This is an amazing journey into self-discovery through building a solid foundation into metaphysical tools to support consciousness and growth in your life.
Physical Classes Available 2017!
Jan – Aug starting 26th January – weekly class every Thursday – 09:00 to 14:00
Jan – Dec starting 28th January – bi-weekly class on Saturday – 09:00 to 14:00
For more info contact Fiona
www.portalofalchemy.com | Tel: +27(0)82 788 1413 | info@portalofalchemy.com 



Introduction to Fiona van Rensburg



What blocks our chakras - Intro by Fiona

Crystal Light Body/Merkaba Activation Course for Practitioners

Have you heard...

CLICK HERE to listen to Fiona van Rensburg being interviewed by Theresa Walstra

Have you read...

Inspiring and wonderful articles in October issue of Aneis da Vida "Circle of Light Magazine"
CLICK HERE to read about Fiona van Rensburg (on pg 17-19)

Fiona is healing children too...

Bad dreams of dying  Once a mom brought her son to me who had repetitive dreams of dying. It was so bad that on those days he would be so traumatized by the dream that he would not go to school. She phoned me up and said she thinks it is a past life issue can she bring him. In our consultation session I was guided that a past life regression would be appropriate. It took him to a time where he was an old man standing in the kitchen looking outside through the window, then going outside sitting on a bench with his dog by his side, and watch the sun set and he dies. I asked his guides to take him to another time where he finds himself on a beach fighting with his wife, w hereafter he saw himself dying alone again. I asked his Guardian Angels to explain to him why they are giving him this repetitive vision on which they replied to him that the has a tendency to push those people close to him that loves him away with his anger issues and in each lifetime he ends up dying alone. He vowed that he wants to change it in this lifetime, so they give him that dream as a reminder when he fights with his family. This gave him a higher understanding that his life is not about to end but a reminder to change the way he behaves and the trauma of the dreams were taken away.
More on childrens healing...

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Cell : +27 (0)82 788 1413
Landline : +27 (0)31 267 0907
E-mail : info@portalofalchemy.com


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