Life Mind Guide with Christina Steyn
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 Life Mind Guide with Christina Steyn

Confused? Stuck? Burning question? Tricky decision?

At a turning point in your life?

Need a little extra information to clarify your situation or to move forward in life?

Life Mind Guide provides you with services to help you find clarity and guidance in your life, help resolve issues and to improve your life.
Our minds, what we think, what we believe determines in large how we feel and  behave in life, and influences what we create and manifest in our lives.

Oftentimes we do not know what is preventing us from experiencing all that we can be, do or have, nor how to overcome the many problems and challenges, why we have them, or how to move forward in life.

Life Mind Guide can assist you in identifying what thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions are  blocking you from living the life you desire, provide guidance, clarity, empowerment and tools to overcome problems and challenges so you can live the life you deserve.

Our services include intuitive guidance, law of attraction coaching, Tarot readings, angel and oracle card readings and personal development courses. These services can be provided as stand-alone or as combined services tailored to your specific needs.

​If you’re at a turning point in your life or struggling with something, please contact me for ways in which I can assist you or visit us at Life Mind Guide.

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