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Athele Oosterbroek Numerology

Call me on 083 325 6704, between 8 and 9am, weekdays only.
Please do not leave a message. If Im not available, please try again.

NUmerology with Athele Oosterbroek

  1. Why you do the things you do, the way you do them
  2. What motivates, challenges, shapes, even determines your gut responses
  3. Layers within layers; un-manifest qualities in your shadow
  4. Auspicious times for major life events
  5. Why your life has unfolded the way it has
  6. Your blueprint; a route map re-directing your life choices on the most powerful course possible.
  7. What your soul is yearning to experience and accomplish.
  8. Keys to your accelerated and graceful evolution.

A numerology reading with Athelé offers clarity around all this and more and facilitates the potential within you to transform yourself into the most powerful version of yourself possible. Knowledge of Self provides the fuel for personal transformation through understanding.

You may also wish to explore the dynamics of key relationships...

1. Why they have unfolded the way they have.
2. What you may do to make them run better.
3. How they serve you.

Or guidance on the most auspicious days for key life events when you really need to shine at your very brightest.

Sessions at least one hour - R650 (SA rate)

US$80 - excluding bank charges

Using her gifted ability to understand the essence of someone through their birth date, together with her extensive training and ability to connect through The Field, Athelé has developed a unique brand of coaching, in which she draws on 30 years of self-help, self-awareness, esoteric, philosophical, Psychology and Sociology studies. This allows her to short-cut to the heart of the matter, with an uncanny knack for uncovering the nub of the truth that ails.

Typically a session yields a recipe of exercises and suggestions towards accelerating personal growth, resolution of inner or outer life conflicts, recognizing and busting growth restricting patterns.

In Aborigine Culture, each person determines when they have learned enough to begin offering a service. They gather their tribe and announce that they are qualified in their chosen field. The tribe respects that individual as being a Doctor, just as surely as if they had passed an exam. Under this system Athelé would be considered a Doctor of the Psyche, one who draws from the vast and ever increasing Field of alternate healing moAthele Oosterbroekdalities for all vexations of the spirit.

Athelés clients range in age from 11 years to over 80s. It is never too early or too late to catapult your natural evolution. Her practice was built over more than a decade of only word of mouth advertising.


Sessions at least one hour - R650 (SA rate), weekly consciousness coaching programme - R550/session (about one and a half hours)

US$80 - excluding bank charges


Figuring Out Father - Athele OosterbroekIt takes honesty, guts and sustained hard work to find and give birth to the authentic you. We make the same mistakes again and again until we dont. We think weve arrived only to find were back where we started. And we may well give up entirely or feel that were failing because all the same things keep coming around again and again.

This is an autobiography of the brave and honest kind. Athelé takes you on a guided tour of some of the events, processes, and relationships that formed and expressed her obsessive drive for approval and its resultant co-dependency and self-sabotaging behaviours. She gives an open-hearted recounting of how difficult it can be to become the person you are meant to be, especially when dealing with the dynamics of close and often difficult relationships. In her case, the relationship with her father and the men in her life.

At the core of this book lies Athelés burning hope that the reader will evolve through
understanding where she went wrong, rather than having to struggle through endless passages to arrive at the same simple, but life-changing truths. Each chapter explores a central esoteric theme and suggests practical shortcuts to self-mastery in these key arenas. From the quiet place where soul meets spirit and the ego disappears, Athelé gives you profound insight into what it means to live consciously and how to maintain that state of grace. Biography meets self-help guide, this gem is "an absolutely riveting read", packed full of pure metaphysics but delivered as a refreshing and engaging read.

Autographed copies available directly from the
R250 (hard copy) + R50 po
stage and packaging

R150 (e book)
Order e book here Order hard copy here
SAFm Interview with Athelé OosterbroekSAFm Interview with Athelé OosterbroekSAFm Interview with Athelé Oosterbroek

Contact Details: Athelé Oosterbroek

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