Gnostic Wholistic Festival
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4, 5 & 6 August 2017

The Purpose of the Gnostic Wholistic Festival:

There is no other event like this in the Western Cape.

The Gnostic Wholistic Festival has been conceived in response to several requests to organise a festival where we create the experience of embarking on a journey to learn more about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being, with input from local and international experts who are present and accessible.

Nirvana Spirit Promotions and stakeholders aim to establish the Gnostic Wholistic Festival as an ongoing, sustainable event with willing partners to promote peace, love and prosperity amongst all interested communities

Nirvana Spirit Promotions plans to achieve this by organising the festival as a community-based event that will: provide an opportunity for all participants to promote their goods and services, create employment, and be of benefit to underprivileged communities.

Contact Antonet-Nirvana:
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