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Crystal Moon

Jacqueline Crystal Moon - Holstic Practitioner
Multiple Reiki MAster chakra healing Crystal healing Ashanti teacher and practitioner Celestial Lightbody worker

Usui Reiki A Reiki treatment consists of laying the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern and allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands to the person being treated.

The basic element of life energy is the essence of this healing practice. Because this is so, Reiki can be used in any situation where there is a desire for and openness to healing. Culturally, we know little about this element of life energy. It is in the practice of the art, consciously being with this energy, that we learn more and become more aware.

The form of treatment is simple while comprehensive. The basis of the practice is self-treatment and treatment of others within the realm of family and friends. The student learns the technique for self-treatment, treatment of others, and for first aid applications. Beginning students have the capacity to give a good treatment.
Tibetan reiki The History of Tibetan Reiki was presented to us by Craig Ellis, who is a Tibetan Reiki Master.
It is claimed by Ellis that throughout time the Ascended Masters have taught what we now know as Tibetan Reiki to key figures such as Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed. But long before the time of these Enlightend Beings, this information was made available to certain people in Lemuria, Atlantis and in Egypt. It was also imparted to people in The Andes, Machu Pichu and to the Hunas in Polynesia. It is said, by Ellis, that this knowledge was also given Tschen Li in the late 1800s, who would eventually become Mikao Usuis teacher.

Through this lineage it was Tschen Li who taught Usui how to heal, and then gave this knowledge to Ralph White, founder of Tibetan Reiki. It is a system a healing that follows Usuis teachings and principles, keeping the original symbols.
Dolphin Reiki Dolphins are master healers and keepers of the light upon Planet Earth. They are highly evolved omni-dimensional beings who live in the Oneness. Their role is similar to that of the angelic kingdom. They are here to watch over us, to help us and support us, and to guide us on our remembrance to radiant wholeness. Their love for humanity is profound.

Like the angels, the dolphins influence transcends time, space and physicality. It is not necessary to be in their physical presence to be healed by them and to receive their gifts. Now, more than ever before, humanity as a whole is ready and willing to receive the profound gifts the dolphins have to share.
Dragon Reiki Dragon Reiki makes use of the invisible force of life energy, which focuses mainly on the balanced spirituality of a person. One needs to have a balance of spirituality and get a feeling of positivity in them. If there is balance in the spirit, a person can live to their fullest, without stresses and negative thoughts. Dragon Reiki is different from other forms of Reiki, in the sense that it doesnt only heal body and emotions of a person, but also increases their holistic approach towards life. It opens larger and new horizons for growth and change.

It is practiced in many medical institutes, like hospitals, healthcare centers and clinics, where people come for some kind of tough illnesses. Hospitals are offering this form of Reiki as an integral part of overall treatment process as doctors believe that this form of Reiki induces positivity in mind and enables them to get better soon.
Attraction Reiki Attraction Reiki is an excellent reiki system for helping you to achieve anything your hearts desires. It has been designed in such a way that even those new to Reiki can use it. Attraction Reiki helps you to achieve an Aura of Success, which brings opportunities and positive things to you. Attraction Reiki works to help raise your own personal magnetism and gives you the symbols to bring the Attraction Reiki to your clients.

Attraction Reiki teaches you all about the law of attraction, beliefs, intention and how to get what you want.
white Dove Reiki White Dove Reiki was developed with the Reiki practitioner in mind. Although White Dove Reiki is new and has a relatively short history, its use is of great assistance to the Reiki Master and practitioner. It utilizes the concept of visualizing energy carried on the wings of a White Dove to the receiver and then being absorbed by them.

In this method, the Reiki Master can concentrate all the energies of reiki directly into the white dove. The White Dove represents the purity of energy and therefore gives the Reiki Master the ability to have the purity and freeness of the White Dove to assist in the Attunement and Healing process.

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