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 Leadership Dimensions with Barbara Johnson

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Ultimate Meaning Coaching Model

A Coach training programme for Business and all Social Services

Professionals who attend to the well-being of others have an enormous responsibility of assisting, developing and inspiring them. Dr Barbara Johnson presents to you the opportunity of up-skilling your encounters with your clients, staff and family through the eyes of Meaning and Purpose of Life and Existential Analysis. Seeing individuals as unique and within their very own unique life circumstances is evolutionising the health and wellness industry.
Negative and tragic issues of life need not become lamentable afflictions you are doomed to suffer. What if you got the opportunity to see them as tasks, that challenge you to embrace them? Life calls you to overcome tragedy in a mature and victorious way. In fact, the commission of your life is to overcome that which you see as evil with the good. It is what you do with these negative and tragic actualities of life, how you deal with problems and distresses that come your way that determine whether you are victim or victor. It is about whether your life is filled with faith and meaning or filled with negativity and despair. In fact the challenge is to achieve full human stature, that which you were created to be and are meant to become. In this way, you experience the highest and most optimal state of being human. You are to be vibrant, mature and excited about life. You have a destiny. It is up to each one of us as to how we give it shape. Everyone who suffers, seeks vibrancy and meaning of life. Knowing how to attain and experience it, you will become powerful instruments of healing and sources of inspiration, encouragement and blessing to others. Leadership Dimensions differentiates itself in that it is inclusive of the spiritual dimension and therefore a truly holistic modality. In this way, recovery is deep, accelerated and sustainable.

- Personal enrichment of True-Self and Self-Transcendence
- Spiritual growth - non-prescriptive
- Encounter with others are highly enriched and meaningful
- To understand the overview of Ultimate Meaningful Coaching Model as a truly holistic modality
- Introduction and practical use of life skills techniques within but not limited to the framework of your own particular profession
- Compassion, understanding and becoming a "better person" for improved Performance and contribution


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