Barbara Abdinor
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Many years ago after a period of difficulty and intense meditation I found myself in a state so different from my ordinary reality that I have made it my lifes work to understand and re-enter into that paradigm of awareness.

Soon after the experience I met my teacher and mentor Leslie Temple-Thurston who assisted me in
deconstructing my own consciousness to reveal the Divinity buried below layers of ego.
I would like to return the gift by supporting others in their own awakening.

I have always felt that its important and been encouraged to bring sacredness to every part of my life.
I love to share the Gifts of Spirit in the ways shown on this website but I am also a businesswoman, activist,
wife and mother. The spiritual principles are deeply infused into all aspects of my life.
While everyones journey is their own, every life is sacred and can be experienced in that way.

For more information:
083 654 4853