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Chi Kung with Michael Lewis

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Your Soul knows the truth of who you are.
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We have all felt a little down, a little low, a little negative. Imagine a space where you could go and just flip the switch. A place to release all pain and suffering, attachment and limitation. That place is your inner sanctuary. Come find out more about tools to assist you in this space. Our mission is to help you empty your mind of all the thoughts that do not serve you and help you regain your flow of energy and abundance. Clear past rhythms that cause you suffering and disappointment and create directives to allow transformation in every aspect of your life.
(A conversation between  Michael and Penni)
Michael Lewis:
Hi Penni, I am so grateful for all the wonderful things you have shared with me, you always support me and inspire me, thank you so much. I have had such great success with colour therapy, it is such a wonderful point of departure with my clients. It gently supports them on a journey of self discovery. One can clear all the negative energy without having to unpack all the baggage of the past. In my Chi Kung classes I teach students how to clear negative emotions stored in the organs using visualisation, movement and breathwork. I have now created a Chi Kung holistic massage where I can support clients in this process with my energy and touch, working directly into the organs and energy pathways. I give the client an infinity key divination card before the session, which sets the tone and allows the client to participate in their transformation, I also use your light matrix oils on all the Chakras and organs and the results are fabulous. They deepen the experience for the client and support a shift with colour, smell and vibration. I work with Tui Na and Chi Nei Tsang techniques connecting circuitry with Chi, pulse work and accupressure. The negative emotion shows up as little granules, little bumps in the organ and using this combination they dissolve under my finger tips, it works on such a deep level allowing the client to relax, release and heal. Together we can create change. Thank you, Michael!

Penni Du Plessis: Hey Michael - having experienced your fantastic massage a few times - all I can say is WOW... You have created something truly unique and amazing and I am so honoured that you have incorporated my Infinity keys, colour knowledge and products in this treatment. I love receiving it and cant wait for my next one.

Catherine Lahoud: Amazing Healer - Teacher

Mark Angus:
Michael Lewis is a deeply spiritual experience with coordinated body posture and movement to balance the bodys life energy. Highly recommended to access higher awareness"

Penni Du Plessis:
This wonderful modality is like a moving meditation which truly marries mind, body and soul. My soul yearns for the peace and centeredness it brings. Michael is a true master.

Catherine Lahoud:
For me, my Chi Kung classes have been about actions speaking louder than words. I have been doing Chi Kung classes every Sunday since October 2010, this is my energy-tank-filling process. It fills me up and creates balance and peace in my life. In the first 3 years of Chi Kung, together with other conscious changes, I shed 30 kilos. Mike is an amazing teacher. It was with total support and a caring attitude that allowed me to feel safe in the space, to grow and improve with my Chi Kung moves over the years. I love the fact that the class combines movement, breath, meditation, chanting and visualisation and it connects us to the Earth too. I highly recommend Chi Kung as a practise and Mike as a teacher.

Mark Angus:
Michaels holistic massages relax, centre and move me into deeper states of peace, while releasing emotional blockages in the body. Michael mixes traditional deep tissue, Swedish and energy balancing massages to awaken energy flow in the meridians of the body.

Heino Schmitt:
The Universe consists of Energy. Our bodies consist of energy. And if that energy is not balanced, its impossible to function optimally. Mike is gifted with the knowledge and ability to balance the bodys energy. He always helps me to find my equilibrium.
Mike Lweis

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