Animal Eyes Communication with Tammy De Oliveira
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Animal Communicator Durban

Have you ever wondered what your pets are feeling or thinking?
Do you wish they were able to tell you more?

Or would you just like to know what more you as their human can do for them to make their lives happier and easier.

To communicate telepathically with an animal is to communicate on a soul level with the animal. Through love, compassion, honour and respect we can each connect with our animal companions to deepen and enhance the bond and relationship between you and your pet.

Animal Communicator Tammy

Interview with Animal Communicator Tammy de OliveiraService

As the communications are done on a telepathic basis, one-on-one sessions are not required. Should you wish to have a communication done with your animal companion the following will be needed:

  • Your pets name, species, breed and age.
  • A photograph preferably showing your furry friends eyes.
  • A list of any behaviour problems detailing the behaviour that is concerning you and if possible what behaviour you would like to see or expect from your pet. The more
    detailed the information the more it helps to understand why your pet is exhibiting the behaviour.
  • Any messages that you would like to give to your pet.
  • Any medical or health concerns that your pet may have so that the maximum benefit can be gained from the healing part of the communication.
Tammy de Oliveira
O.A. Dip (Animal Psychology)
Animal Communicator
064 908 4846

Tammy Animal Communicator Durban