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Have you seen this new wearable technology?

The Helo allows you to monitor your vital signs 24/7 -
fully equipped with the most advanced and accurate sensors on the market.

Whether youre looking for a quick heart check, or wanting to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate,
breath rate, or even mood, the Helo device can track and deliver it all.

Helo is a new wearable device that was designed and engineered to improve your life.
Helo may improve your wellness or wellbeing.
Helo can apply personal measurements that indicate trends to follow.
Helo monitors your Bio Parameters 24/7.
Helo can read and compare your data and reports.
Helo can monitor and check the signs of your loved ones remotely.*
Helo can advise your loved ones if your measurements are not in the correct range.*
With a simple click, Helo can automatically send an SOS message to the people added in your Helo app.*

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For more information:
Barbara Hahn
083 228 7093
031 201 7578

*Requires Helo paired with a device with data connection that is active and available.
Some features requires Helo Pro Plan or Loyalty Program is active.