Violetflame Healing and Meditation Centre with Brenda Stevens
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Violetflame Healing and Meditation Centre with Brenda Stevens
Brenda Stevens - Infiniti Violet Flame
Baby BlessingsBaby Blessings:
You are and eternal being, you have never been born and you will never die.
The most profound gift you can give to a new life.

If you are a new parent, or are expecting a new addition to your family, congratulations! This is an exciting time for your family and we know how important it is to give your child the best possible start in life. If this sounds like you, you may be interested in a Baby Blessing.
Life ActivationsLife Activation
This Healing modality has the potential to open up your life, transform and energise you, opening doors and enabling you to shift. Do you sometimes feel you are searching for something more in life? That you are stuck? This is just the beginning... The opportunity to a change what you want in your world. This could be that monumental step towards transformation! LIFE CHANGING!

Life Activation (formerly called the DNA Activation) is a powerful healing modality that enables you to access your life potential and allows you to see and progress in your life journey.
Jikiden Reiki Jikiden Reiki
This is the original and purest form of reiki . The word Jikiden means direct teaching, and refers to the original form of Reiki passed down by its founder Mikao Usui. Reiki is a Japanese word for universal life energy a natural, vital healing force found in all life. This original branch of Reiki remained in Japan, it has not been altered in any way, thus remains the essence of Reiki.

*It can even help calm and relax stressed individuals, great for preparing one for unavoidable operations.
Jikiden reiki also allows the practitioner to do distance healings. More
Energetic Cord CuttingSpell Removals and Cord Cuttings
Often when we journey through life we encounter or expose ourselves to negative people or places that sap our energy.
Sometimes when a relationship ends or the breakup was nasty, the ties connecting us need to be removed so that we can move on with our progression. More

Personal healingPersonal Healing:

  1. Aura Cleansing: It is important to cleanse our auras freeing them of foreign vibrations and negative energies. This clearing removes all blemishes and dark spots and rejuvenates our aura/energy field.
  2. Crystal Healing: This is a profound healing that sends you deep into Theta and you will awake refreshed and joyful to resume life!
  3. Energy Balancing: Removal of crown chakra cap, clearing of the central core through toning a sacred name of God, balancing of the central core, balancing and opening the 16 energy gates (Lotus Petals), resulting in increased energy flow, balancing and healing of 4 elemental bars and elemental energies in the aura. More
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