What if joy is your natural state of being would you choose it with Retha Nel
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What if joy is your natural state of being, would you choose it with Retha Nel

Healing with Retha Nel

When is the last time that you felt truly nurtured and cared for?
Is now the time?
Would you like to explore the possibilities?
Are you willing to have more ease in your life, living and body?
The normal reaction to a Reiki treatment is one of profound relaxation. The client is placed fully clothed on a treatment bed. The Session usually lasts from one to one-and-a-half hours. Short treatments can be given for specific ailments, such as sports injuries, on request.

Reiki heals the cause of the dis-ease, not just the symptoms. Reiki is an intelligent energy that goes where it is needed for the highest and greatest good of the client and all concerned, Reiki never harms. The treatment results differ from client to client, as each client is unique and is always the determining factor in the outcome.

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AccessConsciousness with Retha Nel Access Body Processes and classes are an invitation to help shift and change things in our bodies that keeps us from showing-up in our lives as we would like.
Access Consciousness Body Processes has more than 50 hands-on body processes that create ease on all levels of our being, the practitioner is completely present with the body, placing hands and activating specific energies that discharge trauma locked-up in the body facilitating space, ease and joy in the body.

Some concerns addressed with these processes covers areas from insect bites, pain relief, all forms of abuse, anxiety, depression, hormonal changes, addiction, and much more.
What else is possible for you and your body that you have never thought possible?
Lightarian Retha Nel The Lightarian programmes facilitate individuals in the five essential areas of spiritual processing. These being self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and actualisation; and supports the development of greater levels of personal awareness, unconditional gratitude and judgment free lives.

These programmes include:
The Lightarian Rays
The Lightarian Clearings
The Lightarian AngelLinks
The Lightarian Purification Rings

THIS LINK for more info or to book a session.
Contact Retha Nel

Mobile: 072 628 9415
Email: retha.nel@vodamail.co.za

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