Live Embrace Love Cherish with Trish Taylor
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 Live Embrace Love Cherish with Trish Taylor 

Live Embrace Love Cherish Take three dynamic women. Bonded through family - a mother, and her two daughters. They all share a passion for health, nutrition, well-being & natural living. Their strength lies in combining their love of beauty, their vision of excellence, and their dedication to bringing it all together. They strive to align themselves with products and people, who embody these same core values. Care for the environment, a love for South Africa, and living a healthy, happy and balanced life. The gift that lies in giving, and not necessarily in receiving.

Life Retreat is a platform which showcases fabulous products. Many of the products for sale, are designed by the L-E-L-C team, and manufactured accordingly. Other products have been chosen for their uniqueness, and brilliance. While still others, are products that are used in their everyday lives, on a daily basis. They have either tested, used or admired all of the products

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 Kerri-Lee Taylor
Cell: 078 247 8751
Samantha Taylor
Cell: 082 346 5058
Trish Taylor
Cell: 087 150 5042