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Life Alignment South Africa

The Life Alignment systems of healing are quite extraordinary. Deep healing and restoration of harmony with yourself and others is possible with Life Alignment.


The Life Alignment system of healing works with the human energy field. It facilitates deep healing and the restoration of harmony with yourself and others.
It is one of several forms of Energy Medicine. Energy medicine works with chakras, meridian points, and the aura. These may not be visible or tangible in everyday life, but their effects on our consciousness and physical wellbeing are very profound.

What a Life Alignment healer does is to utilize muscle testing, and practice dowsing with a pendulum to identify the most efficient and optimal healing route for the client and the healer to follow during a session in order to bring about lasting improvements in wellbeing. The client is guided through a process of self healing, while the healer uses his or her hands to balance, detoxify and bring healing energy into the aura and chakras.
Life Alignment works holistically, and by priority, using an efficient and comprehensive system for identifying and shifting the root cause of dis-ease.

This makes the technique an excellent complement to other healing techniques,
including conventional medicine and counselling.



In South Africa, we have qualified practitioners in most Provinces. To find a practitioner please CLICK HERE. We also do long distance work by email, skype or phone - so if you are far away - dont worry - we can still work with you to help you help yourself.

Learn Life Alignment in SATo study with us,
CLICK HERE Many workshops will be put on at short notice, and might not be listed on the website so please contact the coordinator or the individual teachers directly to find out about the next workshop and other happenings, e.g. get-togethers or Life Alignment meditations.

Life Alignment South Africa is one of 20 healing modalities that have come together to create the
Natural Health Teaching Services (NHTS), which aims to be an accreditation body for natural healing and eventually a college of Natural Health accredited by the SA Education Department. Be assured that if you embark on this course of study you will be amazed and inspired.



More on Life Alignment:

Life Alignment Technique was originally called Body Alignment Technique, but then expanded in 2003 to work with homes, land, groups and organisations, as well as with personal growth. At the same time, it was augmented with the development of Vortex Technology – the use of potentized magnets to hold and work with particular energetic signatures.


Jeff Levin of Life AlignmentFounder of Life Alignment:
Dr. Jeff Levin, DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine), developed the techniques and methodology of the Life Alignment system. Jeff, a former architect, has worked with energy healing for almost four decades.

Since 1991 he’s been teaching Body Alignment Technique and associated courses, spending nine months of each year travelling internationally to lecture and teach.
Jeff is dedicated to personal and global healing and his transformational techniques are changing the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Life Alignment: Heal Your Life & Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose
by Philippa Lubbock (Watkins Publishing ISBN: 978-1-906787-95-0)




Pene Mills teaches Life Alignment up to Module 4, as well as Home Alignment and Vortex Alignment

Parkview: Helen Rudham teaches Body Spin (the first level of Life Alignment)

Roosevelt Park: Nina Frank teaches up to Module 2
KwaZulu Natal:

Hillcrest: Merle Westcott teaches up to Module 4

La Lucia: Christine Hardy teaches up to Module 2
Cape Town:

Tanya and Jason Harris teach up to Module 4

Edgemead: Denise Duitsman teaches Body Spin

India Rostad teaches Body Spin

021 433 0549 |

PO Box 50295, Waterfront, 8002

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