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Prema Health: Plant Healing with Callis Masureik

All new Sacred Scents, Botanical Perfumery:

All Sacred Scent perfumes are 100% natural and contain no animal based products or synthetic chemicals or fragrances. Our perfume collections reflect our deep respect for the world of plants. We offer a wide selection of natural scents derived from natural organic sources. Products are made with natural botanical ingredients of sacred woods, resins, plants and essential oils.

*All products have been blessed with the love and healing energy of Shipibo Master Healer Plant as well as the Divine energy of Amma. These perfumes have been attuned to a higher frequency and vibration to bring support and its special qualities to each individual

All sacred scents are handmade with love and care!

CLICK HERE to see the Sacred Scents Range

Prema Essential Oils:

Prema Essential Oils have new ranges and new oils now in! All new Prema Absolute Range! 17 amazing oils, sold at wholesale prices. Lotus, Black Jasmine, Jacaranda, Mysore Sandalwood and more. These unique Absolutes and Attars are high frequency, 100% pure, undiluted and organic. Each oil brings us something truly special and magical. They truly are Sacred Scents! The Spirit of these plants; balance, heal and bring light into our lives and so much more. On the website, more information can be obtained about each Essential oil. Listing the properties, uses and healing benefits in more detail. This way you can see what oil resonates with you the most :-)

Prema Essentials also offers the Traditional essential oil range of aromatherapy oils at great prices. All oils are 100% pure, natural and undiluted. Bringing you amazing value and quality throughout! CLICK HERE fore more

Yoga Therapy:
At Prema; I offer traditional Satyananda yoga. Classes typically include 1 hour of Asana (postures), including 30 minutes of pranayama (breath work), meditation or yoga nidra. This allows for a wholesome practice of authentic yoga, to harmonise, relax and energize. The intention of the classes is to expand awareness, mindfulness and to reconnect with ourselves. MORE...
Shamanic Products:

Prema Health stocks different shamanic products for different uses whether its for home or personal use and ceremony! Palo santo wood, resin, incense. Mapacho and coca leaves. Agua de Florida and Colonia de Rosas. More Beautiful Products to come. MORE...

Herbal Products:
At Prema Health we stock a wide range of Tranquillity Herbal combinations, catering for all your health needs. What makes Tranquility amazing, is the combination of herbs used in a perfect synergy, to bring about outstanding results. MORE...

Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra:
It is important to keep a healthy mind during our daily and sometimes stressful lives. Meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra are amazing techniques that helps us learn to cope with any stressful events that may arise.MORE...

For more info, contact Prema Health

Mobile: 082 410 3497

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