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Feng Shui with Debbie Fox

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NAME: Debbie Fox
Cell: 082 678 0976,
Email: debbiefox@telkomsa.net



Feng Shui is the art of creating a harmonious environment that will nurture and sustain you.


Feng Shui involves you, because your environment influences you, whether it is supporting or not. The shape and position of the land and the building influences you. Colours, the quality of light and the shapes of objects that surround you, and their psychological relevance to you, effect you as well as where you sit or sleep. Do you feel safe, comfortable and powerful? All of these factors are major influences on your life. So adjustments are made so that the environment support you, your family or business Feng Shui principles ensure that what we surround ourselves with gives us the maximum benefits of balance, harmony, well being, and prosperity.


We all benefit from a beautiful, harmonious, nurturing environment, that brings a sense of well being and peace, whether it is at home or the office. By creating a beautiful home, garden or office you bring harmony in. improve your relationship with a husband, wife, partner or children or help you to find a partner. If you are a businessman, by creating a harmonious and nurturing environment, you will improve staff relationships, staff productivity and profitability. If you are building a new home or office block you can ensure that it brings you the most benefit and is in harmony with the earths energies. You can improve career prospects and income.

Many overseas businesses and businessmen have benefited from employing Feng Shui principles, British Airways, Richard Branson and Donald Trump to name but a few. Many South African companies, some facing ruin, have applied Feng Shui principles and their business have turned around dramatically.


A consultation involves you and your family or staff, and what you would like to achieve from the Feng Shui you are implementing. I.e. improved relationships, creating harmonious surroundings, increased income and profitability, etc. Dates of birth of all family or staff members are required, to determine which element each falls into, this helps determine how each person relates to another. The date the building was built together with a plan of the building.

The surrounding buildings, the position of hills, cell towers, electrical power stations, water, and roads are all observed and their impact on the building noted and adjustments suggested. A brief introduction to Feng Shui is given to help you understand why certain suggestions are being made and why. The house, office and garden is then discussed in detail with specific suggestions being made on what to do bring about the changes required. I then dowse for geopathic stress and note where electrical equipment (electromagnetic radiation) effects you and advise how to neutralise both. Above all, the implementation of Feng Shui is fun, and I find a lot of my clients are very excited when doing the changes and definitely have a lot of fun. Generally one can expect changes to take place from two days to three months and feeling and seeing the changes makes them happier and more excited.


I become interested in Feng Shui when I was travelling overseas, and happened to meet a woman that I became friendly with, who offered to let me stay with her in London, which I happily accepted. I stayed for a few days then went to Europe for a week or two and on my return to her house, felt there was a tangible difference to the place. It felt lighter and very peaceful. Yet I could not see any major changes. She said she had had it Feng shuied. Well I was hooked. She introduced me to Karin Kingston who is well known for her space clearing book. I also met Denise Lynn and continued on my journey around the world learning as I went.


I have studied many disciplines from public relations, marketing and sales, to the more hands on energy and bodywork of reflexology, aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, Cranio sacral therapy, Reki and Jin Shin Jitzu. I have facilitated the Flower of Life workshops, have a deep interest in Native American philosophies and customs. Feng Shui has been my main focus for about five years, and I have studied with an excellent teacher, Edi Christie as well as a Chinese Feng Shui master, Joseph Yu. I have studied form school, compass school, Black hat, eight mansions, intuitive and flying stars. For best results, I use a combination of these and tailor it to suit your needs. I live in Durban and practice as a full time consultant to homes and businesses and travel nationally.


I have workshops for Inner Feng Shui, which help participants see what their homes are telling them about themselves, and how to adjust the external to allow the internal to be released. Guided visualization meditations and experiential exercises are also included to release blocks to creativity and prosperity. Feng Shui workshops on basic Feng Shui will be held in the new year. There are many good books available, like Feng Shui for the soul by Denise Lynn and Feng Shui made simple by William Spear to name a few.