Jivananda Centre for Wellbeing
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Jivananda Centre for Wellbeing

* Howard Lipschitz & Christine Withiel *

The Jivananda Centre for Wellbeing is a space where people seek refuge from the noise and bustle of everyday life. The building is the original Duikersfontein farmhouse, surrounded by 100 year old trees and lush natural gardens, providing a sense of peace and tranquility.


Improve your physical & mental wellbeing. Yoga postures exercise every part of the body, stretching, toning, building stamina & creating flexibility. Improves posture. Yoga also works on the internal organs, glands & nerves - keeping you in radiant health. Releasing physical & mental tension liberates vast resources of energy. Yoga breathing exercises revitalise the body & mind leaving you feeling calm & refreshed.

Yoga enhances sporting performance & reduces the risk of injury. It lengthens muscles that have been shortened by other sports & develops flexible tendons & ligaments.

Yoga relieves many aches & pains, digestive complaints, constipation, insomnia, headaches etc.

Yoga Therapy : One to one yoga. Healing postures to mobilise joints e.g. frozen shoulder. Relieves muscle spasm, fibromyalgia, eases back, head, neck & shoulder pain, sports injuries, post operative rehabilitation.

Drop in Class R60
1 x per week R170 per month
2 x per week R250 per month
Unlimited R350 per month

We also offer preggie classes, classes for Mom and Baby and for children.

In addition we have a class at 11.00am on Monday for people with injuries and problems that prevent them from joining regular classes.? This class is small and adapted to the participants.


Aromatherapy for relaxation, relieving stress, improved energy levels, better sleep.

Therapeutic massage - deep tissue, neuro-muscular massage for the relief of frozen shoulder, sciatic pain, back, neck & head pain, fibromyalgia. Increases mobility, decreases pain.

Sports massage to remove toxins, tone muscles & relieve stiffness. Pre & post event.

Lymph drainage massage to improve lymphatic return, detoxify the body & assist with weight loss.

Post traumatic massage assists in the recovery from trauma, surgery, strokes & sports injuries.

We tailor the massage to your individual needs using various massage techniques plus acupressure, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, etc. We also offer Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki & Ozone/Hydrotherapy.

We travel to clients who are physically unable to travel to us.


Is a system of preventative health care which developed in India over 5000 years ago. Ayurveda?s goal is to achieve health by working towards balance & harmony in the mind/body continuum rather than fighting disease. Prevention is better than cure. Using a common sense approach to health & disease, it equips modern man to take control of his health & reverse the disease process.

Ayurveda recognises people as being different from one another in the way that their bodies & minds work & respond to the world. Hence different foods, exercise regimes & lifestyles suit different people.

We offer consultations to ascertain your body type & plan your diet & lifestyle. We offer specific hot oil massages, steam treatments & hot oil head treatments to assist your body to balance

Meditation : Learn to meditate & get in touch with your inner self. Learn methods for creating the future you dream of & tools for being the person you aspire to be.


We host talks, seminars and workshops on health and spiritual matters. If you would like to hire our 100-square-metre studio or be on our mailing list to be informed about happenings at the Centre, please e-mail Christine at yoga@absamail.co.za

The Centre is an old farmhouse that has been renovated and restored to create a wonderful place of quietness, healing and rejuvenation. Huge old trees and large spaces give a feeling of being out in the country.
The yoga studio is large and airy with beautiful Oregon floors. The therapy centre is a separate building.?? We have secure parking for up to 30 cars.

Contact Details
NAME: Christine Withiel / Howard Lipschitz
?Tel: (031) 563 3773
?Cell: 084 4449377

?Website: www.jivanandacentre.co.za

?16 Canberra Ave, Durban North


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