Regenerate Coaching with Molly Kain
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Regenerate Coaching with Molly Kain

Regenerate Coaching with Molly Kain
Molly Kain Previous Background Experience

Molly has extensive experience in Retail Management, having spent over30 years creating, managing and delivering displays and in-store merchandise presentations. As a display artist and manager, working for a number of large South African Corporates over a 15 year period, she worked closely with her fellow managers to create and deliver customer value. She fully understands the urgency that defines retail operations and she is no stranger to the relentless pressure placed on staff and management to perform.

Having realized her corporate retail management goals, she set up her own display business and for a further period of 15 years, she and her team of staff crafted display and in-store presentation services, to a number of Corporate Retail clients.

This work ultimately led Molly into coaching, as she had developed a range of skills over the years that had assisted her to work with others to develop their unrealized potential. Coaching provided her with the opportunity to enhance her skills and to further practice these skills, to the benefit of all her coaching clients.

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What Is Integral Coaching?

Perhaps one of the most powerful ways of understanding coaching is from the end, because if we know what we are intending to accomplish, we can correct ourselves as we go along and we are able to evaluate our success at the end.
The products of coaching are meant to distinguish coaching from other modalities and we present coaching as more than being an accountability partner that supports someone in reaching their goals, or as a disciplinarian who changes someones unwanted actions. Instead we claim that coaching occurs in a bigger frame that sometimes includes these two modalities, but goes well beyond that.

The Products of Coaching
The architect of Integral Coaching, James Flaherty describes the products of coaching in his book, Coaching to Excellence in Others, as follows:

Long-Term Excellent Performance
This means that the client meets the high objective standards of the discipline in which coaching is occurring. Standards are objective when any competent person can observe them. For example, hitting a home run in baseball is an objective standard, as is a checkmate in chess; however, we must know something about each game to be able to observe these outcomes as favorable.

Well-coached clients can observe when they are performing well and when they are not and will make any necessary adjustments independently of the coach. By keeping this criterion in mind, coaches can avoid the big temptation of becoming indispensable and, instead, work to build the competence of their client.

We can always improve, and well-coached people know this and will continually find ways on their own to do so. They will practice more, or they will watch others perform, or they will learn an activity that will strengthen them in a new way that improves their competence.
Molly Kain has helped me change in ways I could not imagine. Her most amazing quality is that she gets you immediately - you can talk and talk and talk and at the end of that - she can accurately summaries what you are saying - in other words she totally got me!
- Farren Jansen Botha

Molly Kain is not only a remarkable coach, but also a wonderful person. She is in touch with herself and is so authentic as a person. Molly has the ability to coach in a unique way and she only brings out the best in other people!!!
- Hennie Dippenaar
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Regenerate Coaching with Molly Kain

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