Golden Light Meditation & Healing Centre
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Golden Light Meditation Centre

A Space where...I AM

- Unconditional Love
- Healing my Life
- Raising my vibration

To oneness with the Divine




Meditation Circles Holistic Healers Monthly Friday Night Talks Workshops

Golden Light was created through listening to Divine Guidance to provide a space where others can come and meditate and connect with themselves and discover who they truly are. A safe place to explore, provide guidance, heal, enlighten, uplift and be yourself. To provide a space for Holistic Healers to work from. A space to discover your light within.

It is a space filled with loving kindness and humbleness where we work from our heart centres. It is a tranquil, peaceful and loving environment to meet like minded people.

Contact Details

Shirley Haigh
Reiki, Crystal & Sound Healing Facilitator

Contact Number: 083 262 9932

"A Space everyone is welcome and egos are left at the door"